Network Switches

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What are Network Switches?

Network Switches are hardware devices within a Local Area Network (LAN) or Wide Area Network (WAN) that facilitate communication between IT devices such as wireless access points, printers, computers, IP security cameras etc. A network switch allows for connection between all network devices by transmitting/exchanging data packets.

A network switch operates differently from a router in that routers allow a single IP address to be shared among multiple devices within the same network whereas a switch facilitates connecting many different hardware devices, thereby actually expanding the network to other locations. These networking environments can be either commercial or industrial depending on the application.

VERSITRON manufactures a wide range of network switches with fiber optic capability that provide seamless and secure communication across any network. As a result we are able to take network switch technology to the next level. We offer switches of varying port sizes and capabilities that convert Ethernet media devices to multimode or singlemode fiber, making distance requirements and limitations a non-issue.

Standard Ethernet network switches are made up of only RJ45 Ethernet ports which limit a user to the approximate 328ft distance that Ethernet cables such as cat6 provide. Therefore, in order to build a network of significant size, switches that convert Ethernet to fiber optic cable are needed to extend and transmit Ethernet signals as well as data packets to other networking equipment in remote areas.

Network Switches Manufactured by VERSITRON

Versitron Network Switches

At VERSITRON, we work closely with our customers to assist with selecting the right switch products to suit each unique application and environment. Our products have been trusted throughout Industries worldwide since 1958.

  • Managed Switches: These devices allow for the monitoring of communication between IT devices across a network through the use of data packet exchange as well as Virtual LAN (VLAN) and Virtual Private Network (VPN) creation.
  • Unmanaged Switches: Basic “Plug-and-Play” style of hardware allow a user to connect networking devices together through a simplistic approach that reduces setup time.
  • Modular Switch: Our most flexible product! Mix and Match modules of varying attributes and functionality that caters to your specific networking requirements.
  • “All Fiber” SFP Switches: These products have multiple SFP fiber ports designed to connect to other fiber switches and media converters at remote locations.
  • PoE+ Switches: In addition to providing seamless communication and transmission between Ethernet and fiber, these devices also provide power over the Ethernet cable to devices in remote locations where access to an electric power source is limited or nonexistent.
  • Industrial Switches: For rugged and harsh environments, these devices can withstand extreme temperature ranges as well as shock and vibration elements.

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You can find a catalog list of all networking switches that we manufacture by clicking HERE

We would be delighted to speak with you regarding your networking requirements. All of our fiber optic switches carry a lifetime warranty. Please give us a call at 1-800-537-2296 or send us an email to to discuss your project with us! Let us put our over six decades of experience to work for you!