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10/100Base Fast Ethernet Media Converters

10/100BaseTX-FX Fast Ethernet Media Converters

The Fast Ethernet fiber optic media converters convert a 10/100BaseTX copper to 100BaseFX fiber to facilitate cost-effective and extended network connectivity over longer distances that exceed the capability of cat5 or cat6 Ethernet cable. Fast Ethernet converters are compliant with 802.3u offer a data transmission rate up to 100Mbps. Media converters play the role of an interface when it comes to connecting two or more different networks. VERSITRON’s 10/100Base TX to 100Base-FX media converter converts an Ethernet or Fast Ethernet UTP electrical signal into a light signal for transmission over multimode or singlemode fiber optic cable. These unmanaged devices allow seamless transmission of data throughout the network utilizing a basic “plug-and-play” design.

How do Fast Ethernet Media Converters Work?

While these converters are often used in pairs to convert a single networking device to fiber, they can also be connected individually to any network switch. This setup allows for extension of the 10/100Base network over fiber no matter the application. Here is the procedure for connecting two media converters to each other:
  • The two converters are placed at a certain distance as per the application requirement and connected with duplex (2-strands) fiber optic cable.
  • Both these converters have two ports each, one for the RJ45 connector and the other one is built-in multimode or singlemode fiber port with ST or SC connectors.
  • One media converter is connected to the IP device and the other converter is connected to the main network.
  • Each of these media converters is powered by an AC/DC transformer.
  • The two fiber ports are linked over either singlemode or multimode fiber optic cables.
  • The RJ45 port receives data while the SFP port transmits.

Beneficial Features of Our Fast Ethernet Converters

Here are some beneficial features of our 10/100 Fast Ethernet “double duty” media converters:

  • Our fast Ethernet converters are capable of 10/100Mbps Copper to 100Mbps fiber conversion over multimode or singlemode fiber cable.
  • Our Ethernet fiber media converters are compliant with IEEE 802.3u Ethernet standards.
  • They offer a data transfer rate of 10Mbps or 100Mbps Ethernet speed, and 100Mbps over fiber.
  • They come with LED indicator lights for fiber signal detection, copper signal detection, linkage, activity statue, and speed of transmission.
  • Full of Half Duplex modes supported.
  • These media converters auto-negotiate if the network is operating at 10Mbps or 100Mbps.
  • The units are hot-swappable unmanaged devices when installed into our MCC-14R chassis.
  • RoHs compliant.
  • They help upgrade and extend legacy networks in a cost-effective manner.
  • Our fast Ethernet media converters are quite compact and fit in small or cramped up spaces.

Technical Specifications of Our 10/100 Base TX to 100 Base FX Fiber Optic Media Converters

Some of the technical specifications for our Fast Ethernet media converters include:

  • Auto-negotiation, auto MDI/MDI-X detection
  • They offer a full wire speed conversion.
  • Link fault pass through function
  • They have a buffer RAM of 128Kb.
  • Far End Fault function.
  • Our fiber optic converters function as standalone units or can be rack mounted by installing them into the MCC-14R chassis.
  • Used to accommodate networking devices such as IP surveillance cameras, wireless access points, VoIP phones, or any networking hardware that is located in remote areas.
  • Optional DIN rail mounting.
  • Low Power Consumption