Mobile Video Surveillance Systems

Mobile video surveillance systems are a part of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in the transportation industry. In these systems, onboard video surveillance is adopted to enhance security during transportation, and post-transportation such as in parked mode, auto-parking activities, etc. In such mobile video surveillance systems, the surveillance cameras are mounted inside or on the vehicle. As the vehicle remains in motion, the wired surveillance networking techniques certainly fail to suffice the operational requirements of mobile vehicle surveillance systems. To integrate such wireless networks, advanced devices are required. Acknowledging the need for wireless security networking, VERSITRON offers a range of fiber optic devices, which can be easily integrated into mobile video surveillance systems.  
VERSITRON Products Used in Mobile Vehicle Surveillance Systems

The following products offered by VERSITRON are used to deploy wireless and remote onboard video surveillance systems.
  • CCTV Fiber Optics Video Kits: CCTV fiber optics video kits offered by VERSITRON are a complete solution for the integrated surveillance networks. These kits include transmitters, receivers, and power supplies, and 100-meter fiber optic cables. These kits can be used to deploy a surveillance network inside a vehicle. Later, the network can be operated, accessed, and controlled remotely over internet protocol (IP)-based or Ethernet-based transmission protocols.
  • Industrial Media Converters: Industrial media converters are deployed in a surveillance system to convert electrical signals into optical signals and vice versa. Nowadays, fiber optic cables are used as connecting and transmission media. These converters convert the frames of captured video into an optical format which can be further transmitted over a fiber-based wireless network. Most importantly, these media converters enable the seamless transition from copper cables to fiber cables.
  • Industrial Ethernet Switches: VERSITRON offers Industrial switches that are compliant with Ethernet protocols. These switches are ideal for remote surveillance networks to route the data to the monitoring unit.   
Along with these individual products and kits, VERSITRON offers SCADA solutions for remote onboard surveillance.
Applications of VERSITRON’s Products in Mobile Video Surveillance Systems

VERSITRON’s mobile vehicle surveillance solutions are used in the following applications.
  • Remote area monitoring
  • Transportation surveillance
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  • Automated Smart Parking Applications
  • Prevention of accidents
  • Accidental cause detection
If you are looking for a smart solution for onboard surveillance systems, VERSITRON has appropriate products and solutions for you. We offer MSA-compliant devices. To know more about our products and solutions, please contact our team today.

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