Factory Automation Systems

Industry automation or factory automation has gained traction over the last few decades. In this environment, the factory equipment is interconnected to improve the efficiency, security, and reliability of process control systems. Although, this may not be easy due to the challenging work environments in the industrial areas. Shortage of industrial-grade networking devices for challenging environments, absence of reliable data communication, restrictions of cable layout, weak networking capabilities of serial equipment are some challenges faced by business organizations trying to implement new or revive their industrial automation infrastructure. VERSITRON supports factory automation services through its vast product line comprising several industrial networking devices including industrial Ethernet switches, serial communication devices, and so on. All our industrial networking devices are designed to support process and manufacturing automation across industrial segments. They are user-friendly, safe, and easy to operate and maintain.

VERSITRON Products Used in Factory Automation Systems

VERSITRON offers the following products for deploying industrial networks for factory automation systems.

  • Industrial Media Converters:

    Industrial media converters are the devices used for the conversion of electrical to optical signals and vice versa. These devices are used in hybrid (copper-fiber) industrial networks where they help connect copper cables and fiber optics cables. VERSITRON offers double duty (10/100 TX-FX) and triple duty (10/100/1000) Ethernet to fiber media converters. These industrial media converters also help users to extend the transmission distance in a Multimode network and link Single Mode to Multimode.
  • Industrial Ethernet Switches:

    VERSITRON’s Ethernet switches are ideal devices for setting up Ethernet-based industrial networks. Industrial automation networks are operation-centric, they are designed to perform specific automation tasks. For certain networks, the network switches are essential to direct, route, and distribute data. In the automation systems where minimum control and monitoring are required, VERSITRON’s Ethernet switches can be useful. These switches perform pre-defined routing and distribution of information in factory automation systems. These switches enable configuration, control, and user access during the transmission. By using VERSITRON’s Ethernet switches, a fully managed factory automation system can be developed. This allows the user to control automated operations at any point in time.

Note: All the industrial networking devices offered by VERSITRON are MSA-compliant.

Applications of VERSITRON’s Products in Factory Automation Systems

VERSITRON’s industrial networking devices are used in the following applications in factory automation systems.

  • Material Handling Units
  • Testing, Inspection, and Quality Control
  • Product Processing -Conveyors or Fork Lift Units
  • Inventory Management
  • Industrial Security and Surveillance
  • Self-driven Industrial Vehicles
  • Machine Operations- CNC/VMC Controls

Are you looking for high-quality, safety, and performance-driven devices to deploy in factory automation networks? VERSITRON’s networking products can be ideal for your application. They have been successfully deployed in industrial networking systems. In case of any queries about our products or their role in factory automation services, please feel free to contact us. Our experts will be happy to assist you.

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