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Industrial Media Converters

Versitron's industrial media converters are designed to facilitate network communication between legacy copper Ethernet devices and fiber optic cables in challenging environments.

Our hardened media converters feature rugged construction and can withstand many obstacles, such as high levels of electromagnetic interference, exposure to dust, shocks, vibrations, moisture, and extreme operating temperatures ranging from -20°C to +80°C.

Our converters are well-suited for use in agriculture, transportation, security and surveillance systems, defense and military field tasks, and other industrial environments.

Features of Industrial Fiber Media Converters

  • Proven Field Success: Demonstrated effectiveness in critical applications.
  • Cost-Efficient Integration: Our industrial fiber media converters enable seamless integration with existing copper port legacy systems, eliminating the need for costly replacements. By converting fiber optic to copper cabling, significant savings are achieved.
  • Extended Transmission Range: Our media converters effortlessly extend the geographical reach of data transmission.
  • Versatile Mounting Options: Supports both DIN rail and panel mounting for flexible installation.
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: Our rugged media converters operate reliably across a broad temperature spectrum, from approximately -20 to +80 degrees Celsius.
  • High-Speed Connectivity: Facilitates direct media conversion for Gigabit copper and fiber networks.
  • Increased Distance: Multi-mode systems extend up to 2km, while single-mode systems provide capabilities exceeding 100km.
  • IEEE Compliance: Compliant with IEEE 802.3 standards, ensuring compatibility with Ethernet versions 1.0 and 2.0.
  • Cost Reduction and Enhanced Security: Reduces operational costs while enhancing data security during transmission.
  • Simplified Monitoring: Featuring separate LED indicators for network health status and alerts, our industrial media converters streamline monitoring and maintenance, eliminating the need for external cabling.

Applications of Fiber to Copper Media Converters

  • Factory and Building Automation Processes
  • Drilling Operations in Oil, Gas, and Mining Sectors
  • Agricultural Automation
  • Transportation Systems
  • Security and Surveillance Systems
  • Defense and Military Field Tasks
  • Cell Phone Tower Management
  • Traffic Control Systems
  • Energy Substation Monitoring
  • Ethernet Service Delivery
  • Cable and Telecom Service Applications