IoT Applications

IoT or Internet of Things as a technology has gained traction over the last few years. It enables inter-device communication, and thus helps in process automation and remote control  monitoring of systems or equipment. This is now applied across industries as a part of process automation as well as smart homes and smart meters etc. IoT functions within a network comprising connected devices through cables and more. However, the network must be robust and the connectivity fast and seamless. Cables, connectors, and other devices in the network may be dissimilar, but they must be compatible. VERSITRON supports the development of IoT within a network through fiber optics.

Significance of Fiber Optics in IoT

IoT has made day-to-day lives extremely fast paced. Therefore, the network must cater to the physical distance to be covered in terms of data transmission and communication, signal strength, high speed connectivity, security, and so on. Fiber optics is a perfect fit for IoT applications. IoT comprises large networks spanning vast geographical distances, and has several connected devices, sensors, actuators, and more. Fiber optic devices such switches, cables, PoE devices, media converters, connectors play an important role in making IoT more efficient and speedy. For instance, fiber switches come with multiple ports for copper as well as fiber cable connectors. Media converters help connect two or more dissimilar networks such as Ethernet and fiber.  It also helps increase the geographical distance of transmission. Fiber optics is secure as a technology, and cannot be easily hacked. The issues related to noise, crosstalk, EMI, and so on are eliminated because of fiber optics. Most of these fiber optic devices are compatible with devices from other networks, and hence inter-device communication is not an issue, allowing sensing and actuation systems to be extremely efficient and accurate. Through fiber optics, data transmission distance can go up to 100km, at a speed of 100Gpbs data rate or even beyond. You can send bulky video or image files to the right destination within seconds, and all this can be achieved without signal attenuation.

IoT Fiber Optic Devices VERSITRON Offers

VERSITRON offers a number of devices to facilitate IoT and enhance its efficiency regardless of the applications. Here are some of our fiber optic devices for IoT applications:
  • Fiber media converters:

    These media converters serve as an interface between two or more different types of networks. They interpret and convert the electrical signals they receive from copper networks and convert them to light pulses to be sent over a fiber optic cable. They help increase the geographical distance of networks. An advantage is that you can add fiber optics to your existing legacy network, which helps you save time and cost. We offer various types of media converters including Serial to fiber converters, Gigabit Ethernet, PoE, in different configurations.
  • Network switches:

    We offer fiber network switches ranging from 4 to 50 ports depending on your application requirement. These may be managed or unmanaged switches with SFP modules as well as RJ45 connector ports which is why they accommodate existing legacy copper as well as fiber cables. We offer them in various types and configurations such as industrial switches, Ethernet, PoE, and so on. They help multiply your traffic flow and boost network transmission speed. These comply with IEEE standards, and can be installed as standalone orrack mountable devices.
  • Fiber modems:

    We offer fiber serial data modems in a circuit card format. These include telephone modems for voice as well as serial data to fiber converter modems. They are compact and rack mountable and come with LED indicators and SFP modules. They are compatible with various multiplexer platforms and offer your IoT application high speed internet connectivity. RS-232 and RS-530 fiber modems are widely used for these applications.
  • CCTV Fiber Optic Video Kits:

    Our fiber optic video kits are used in various robotic monitoring applications. These kits are often used to monitor robots that are inspecting oil wells, sewer pipelines, and other dangerous zones where human intervention is not possible.

IoT Applications

Our fiber optic devices are widely used in the following IoT applications:
  • Telemedicine:

    In this segment, the health data of a patient is collected by IoT sensors, and is communicated and stored. This data is interpreted by healthcare service providers for accurate disease diagnosis, treatment, and remote monitoring.
  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT):

    Here, IoT is used specifically for industrial applications. This mainly comprises product re-engineering, process automation in factories, smart management of inventories and warehouses, security, packaging, and dispatch. All of these functions can be tracked in real time, monitored for quality, and so on, through IoT.
  • Intelligent transportation systems (ITS):

    They make use of actuators, embedded sensors, and other devices, which gather data about different areas of the transportation sector. Our IoT fiber optic solutions have been used in traffic systems, ticketing systems, gate monitoring, and other applications.
  • Oil and Gas:

    The use of IoT based energy solutions have increased in the oil and gas industry. Our serial to fiber converters and CCTV fiber optic video kits have been successfully installed across several oil and gas processing facilities across the US. They have helped users to establish effective real-time monitoring, better field communication, and improve safety of their assets by appropriate communication.
At VERSITRON, we offer unmatched assistance to all our customers in terms of choosing the right network device. We are committed to quality and customer satisfaction which has helped us build a list of satisfied customers since 1958. For any inquiries or if you would like assistance with your project, you can reach us by phone or email. We look forward to speaking with you!

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