Gate Monitoring Systems

Aside from manual controls, automated controls are vastly used in monitoring and security applications. The increasing demand for automation and IoT has led to inter-device communication which is useful in such applications. Gate monitoring system comprise a unit of hardware devices installed on a gate, main door, or a main barricade. This unit or system has built-in sensors and is connected to the software on your smartphone, smartwatch, or computer. So, all the activities which happen on the gate can be monitored and controlled remotely through these smart devices. There are certain network devices required for such systems, which VERSITRON offers. VERSITRON supports a gate monitoring system services via its large collection of networking devices and industrial network installation products and kits such as fiber media converters, CCTV fiber optic video kits, and so on. Our industrial networking devices are designed to be compatible with most digital and analog devices such as cameras, monitors, and so on. They are easy to install, maintain, and operate.

VERSITRON Products Used in Safety Gate Monitoring Systems

All our products are MSA compliant. VERSITRON offers the following network products for implementing outdoor gate access control systems in industrial units, business campuses, and so on.
  • Industrial Media Converters: Media converters play a crucial role in a blended network comprising fiber optic cable and a copper cable. They help extend the geographical distance of data transmission and speed as well. VERSITRON has a variety of media converters such as PoE, double duty (10/100 TX-FX), Gigabit Ethernet, and triple duty (10/100/1000) media converters. In a gate monitoring system comprising a blended network, fiber media converters are essential for transmitting data over long distances and signal conversion.
  • Industrial Ethernet Switches: VERSITRON’s Ethernet switches are amazing when it comes to smart industrial networks as these switches perform their tasks automatically. The layer 2 network management is taken care of by these switches. They enable data transmission from the gate monitoring device such as a camera to the connected device such as smartphone or computer. This is possible even multiple connected devices are there. These switches define the best route and enable issuance of alerts and notifications to the connected devices. These alerts messages are gathered from the sensors and cameras which are a part of the gate access system. This allows the operator to remotely access everything plus receive notifications sitting at hme.
  • PoE Switches: These are ideal for providing power supply to certain devices on the network, especially if they are located in remote places. The ones with SFP modules can supply power as well as data over a single fiber optic cable. You can also use an Ethernet cable for this. They supply power to powered devices such as cameras, CCTV, and so on in a network. In a gate monitoring system, CCTV cameras can be linked to a PoE switches to get powered.   

Applications of VERSITRON’s Products in Gate Monitoring System

VERSITRON’s industrial networking devices have several application areas in gate monitoring systems. Here are some of them.
  • Opening and closing signals for a gate
  • Emergency stops
  • Loop detection
  • Power supply through PoE
  • Sending alerts to the connected device or office system through managed switches
If you are looking to secure access to your office campus or industrial unit, ensure you get a gate monitoring system installed which has all the features based on your requirements. Also, ensure you get superior quality and compatible network devices for the same. VERSITRON’s networking devices can be customized specific to your application. We have several such clients who have sourced products from us to install their gate access systems. In case you have any questions about our products and their usage in such automation applications, you can reach us via phone or email. We will be happy to help you.

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