Product Instructional Videos

Explore our product instructional videos for comprehensive guidance on our various copper-to-fiber connectivity products.

Multi Mode vs. Single Mode Fiber Optic Cable

The video discusses the differences between multimode and single mode fiber optic cables. In short, the type of fiber optic cable you need depends on the distance you are trying to cover.

VERSITRON'S CCTV 4 Channel Fiber Optic Video Multiplexer

The video discusses VERSITRON'S CCTV 4-channel fiber optic video multiplexer, which is used to transmit CCTV analog camera signals over long distances using fiber optic cables. These multiplexers are typically employed in applications such as correctional facilities, military bases, and gas stations.

Fiber Optic Modular Network Switch: "Pick a Port"

This video is about our product called the Pick-a-Port modular switch, which is a flexible network switch that allows users to mix and match different media for various applications.

SG24424M: All Fiber Optic Network Switch

This video is about a fiber optic network switch, the Model SG24424M, manufactured by VERSITRON Inc. This switch can serve as the central networking device in a star configuration. It is capable of connecting both legacy 100 base equipment and newer gigabit fiber technology.

PoE/PoE+ Fiber Optic Switch

In this video, Rich discusses Veritron's range of Power over Ethernet (PoE) switches. We offer several fiber optic PoE switches that support both multimode and single mode fiber.

HDMI Video to Fiber Optic Installation Kits

This video introduces VersiVision HDMI to fiber optic installation kits, which can be used in point-to-point and cascading applications. The kits come with 100 meters of fiber optic cable at no extra cost.

Video Distribution Amplifier: Analog Interface, 16 Video Inputs, 32 Video Outputs

This video is about video distribution amplifiers, which are used to distribute video and audio signals to multiple outputs. The video discusses a model called VT-16-32A, which can handle 16 CCTV video inputs and up to 32 video outputs.

Fiber Optic Modems, Media Converters, Video, and Switches from VERSITRON, Inc.

The video discusses VERSITRON's various product offerings in copper-to-fiber connectivity solutions for industries such as utilities, aerospace, industrial manufacturing, petrochemicals, law enforcement, and education.

52 Port Fiber Switch with PoE Capability

This video is about a 52-port fiber switch with PoE capability, model SGX75270MP, which is the largest and most versatile switch manufactured by VERSITRON, Inc.