Security & Surveillance Solutions

Security & Surveillance Solutions with Fiber Optic Technology

Security and surveillance as a sector has hugely expanded over the years. While defense services remain one of the major application areas of advanced security surveillance solutions, most commercial and industrial units, public locations, and residential communities, implement security systems. The spectrum of this sector has expanded not just in terms of increasing application areas but also advanced electronics, remote monitoring, improved picture clarity, live streaming, and more. For all of this, you need to get the right devices and a robust, high-speed network. Fiber optics by far is the best option. VERSITRON offers fiber optic surveillance devices that can be customized to suit exact application requirements. They are designed to be resistant to outdoor environments, moisture, wind, heat, and so on.

Security/Surveillance Solutions

VERSITRON's Offerings for the Surveillance Industry

Over the years, we have designed and delivered the following types of fiber optic devices that form integral part of different security surveillance solutions.

  • IP and CCTV fiber optic video applications:We offer fiber optic video kits which comprise video transmitters, receivers, power supplies, and a 100-meter long fiber optic transmission cable. This cable will be either multimode or single mode depending on the application. The video to fiber converters are compatible with PAL, NTSC, and SECAM camera systems. They assure seamless installation and are operation free of any adjustments. Aside from the analog CCTV system, IP-based monitoring, which is digital, has gained popularity. You can use our devices with either of these
  • Fiber Optic Switches: We offer both managed as well as unmanaged switches for commercial as well as industrial applications. Our switches help transfer data packets over your surveillance systems through a fiber optic cable to a display screen or computer connected at a distant location. The availability of PoE is also a huge advantage, especially in remote areas.
  • Fiber Optic Media Converters:Fiber optic media converters are the devices that convert data from Ethernet devices to fiber optic compatible signals. These fiber optic converters are highly suitable for long-distance surveillance applications. This way, the user can source the data from an IP camera located at a distance of 1 mile or more at an affordable cost. This helps in filling the data transmission gaps between an Ethernet device like PoE cameras and fiber optic modems.
  • Fiber Optic Video Multiplexers: VERSITRON offers a wide range of 8-bit digitally encoded fiber optic video multiplexers from the VersiVision family that allows the operator to mux video and data signals. These multiplexers can be used with analog cameras and are compatible with NTSC, PAL, and SECAM standards. These fiber optic multiplexers are used mostly for critical surveillance applications like military standard surveillance and security. Fiber optic video multiplexers are used with single-mode or multimode cables.
  • VersiVision Video Distribution Amplifiers:VERSITRON’S VersiVision video distribution amplifiers are suitable for multi-camera/CCTV network surveillance. They are designed to provide inputs to multiple video outputs at the same time. These are compatible with BNC video connections for multi-location surveillance.
  • Fiber Optic Modems and Micro modems:Fiber optic modems are used for data modulation and demodulation in security and surveillance systems. Fiber optic modems are used for direct monitoring. Micro modems are the compact yet advanced version of fiber optic modems that are used for critical surveillance applications in military, airport, and intelligent transportation system (ITS) monitoring.


The following are some common applications of fiber optics in security and surveillance industry.

  • Security Apps Security apps for remote surveillance used in military and defense facilities utilize fiber optic media converters and multiplexers to access video data from the CCTV network. Video transmission can be done over long distances using fiber optic cables without signal degradation.
  • Traffic and ITS: Fiber optics is widely used in traffic monitoring and airport security applications and intelligent transportation systems. They are used for remote monitoring over sensitive areas, railway lines, multimodal routes, national borders, or remote industrial sites. Our fiber optic kits along with ruggedized switches allow remote monitoring of such sites.
  • Robotic Monitoring:Our micro modems and video multiplexers are utilized for robotic monitoring over production lines, manufacturing stations, and warehouses.
  • Wildlife monitoring:Our network devices can be connected to an IP or DSLR camera mounted in a forest to capture some traits of birds and animals. This makes remote monitoring or 24-hour monitoring possible.
  • Underwater Monitoring:It is a crucial application in terms of naval and submarine security as also for marine and aquatic research. Our high quality and water proof devices allow communication between underwater devices such as cameras and the onshore devices located in a control room.
  • Gated Communities: Nowadays, it is quite common for residential complexes to have their own security systems aside from manual guarding. Our 2-wire fiber optic modems are used in gated community surveillance applications. These modems help establish connectivity between the monitoring station and the gate using contact closure relays.

Benefits of Opting for VERSITRON’s Solutions

We are totally focused on the quality of our network devices, and they are designed to be resistant to harsh outdoor environments. Aside from this, there are many benefits of sourcing our fiber optic devices as security surveillance solutions across industry segments.

  • First, our fiber optic devices are customizable and offered in several configurations even as standard products. We have specially designed hardened versions of our switches and fiber media converters which have a rugged design and are highly resistant to environmental parameters.
  • Security systems are mainly installed outdoors where they are exposed to harsh weather conditions. Our fiber optic products are resistant to heat, cold, moisture, corrosion, vibration, pressure, and so on. This makes them suitable for harsh environments whether in rains, seas, deserts, or just about anywhere.
  • We also offer compactly designed switches, connectors, and so on which can be fitted in constrained spaces or in places where they could be hidden from direct view.
  • Our switches and media converters can be connected to various analog as well as digital devices, regardless of the camera type such as for night vision, infrared imaging, underwater ones, and so on.
  • We offer plenty of customization to suit your requirements in terms of hardware, splicing, cable lengths, network expansion over geographical distances, and so on.
  • Our products facilitate remote monitoring and access, compatibility with most types of cameras and related devices, and improved surveillance capabilities such as live streaming with clear image quality. They facilitate high-speed video streaming over long distances.
  • The best part is they can be blended into your existing legacy system so that you get an upgraded surveillance system within your budget.

Fiber optic surveillance devices play an extensive role in uninterrupted and high-speed data transmission of bulky video files over long geographical distances as well as remote monitoring. At VERSITON, we offer good-quality customizable network devices for applications ranging from residential security systems to mission-critical defense applications. VERSITRON has played a significant role in developing compatible devices that are suitable copper and fiber networks and can withstand harsh environments. In case you want to share your requirements or have any further questions regarding our fiber optic network devices, feel free to contact us via email or phone.

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