Fiber Optics For Telecommunications

Telecommunication applications have undergone significant evolution with the integration of technology. This sector has expanded beyond voice-based communication to include data communication, IP-based telephony, as well as the transmission of audio and video files over long-distance networks or the Internet. This sector with all its implemented advancements is extremely crucial in business communication, sales, revenue generation, and the overall progress of any business or a industry. The implementation of fiber optics in telecommunication has contributed to its growth.
VERSITRON offers premium quality fiber optic network devices such as media converters, switches, modems, and more. These devices have helped companies that were considering application of optical fiber in telecommunication industry. The role of fully functional networking equipment is crucial in achieving high bandwidth, data rates, and transmission distance. All these factors in turn are essential to achieve business goals, customer satisfaction, and revenue generation.

Challenges in Telecommunication Applications

While there has been much research and innovation in the telecom industry over the last few decades, such as fiber telecommunication, there are certain challenges, which are addressed below:

  • Installation of network equipment in remote and inaccessible locations is one of the major challenges for telecom companies. These may be areas with no electricity grid or interrupted power supply. It is possible to overcome this challenge by using PoE or power over Ethernet devices, such as PoE switches, media converters, and more, depending on the type of network.
  • Many functions such as reboots, configuration changes, and managing diagnostics require skilled engineers, which ultimately increases the cost. In addition to this, the demand for higher bandwidths, 5G, and the continually increasing demand for high-speed connectivity over larger distances, will add to the bottom line.
  • The ineffectiveness of remote in-band simple network management protocol (SNMP) management systems is also one of the challenges, especially with remote access gaining huge traction. However, this protocol is not enough to handle the complex configurations in modern networks and may cause congestion. To some extent, it is susceptible to security threats such as brute-force attacks. Also, there may be compatibility issues as some network devices may have different SNMP versions. To some extent, these issues can be overcome by installing the latest version of SNMP for all devices.

VERSITRON’s Solutions for the Telecommunication Applications

The use of fiber optics in telecommunication has been significant in terms of overcoming these challenges and making networks robust, secure, and fast. We offer premium quality network devices for fiber telecommunication and blended networks that are compatible with several protocols. We offer these in various configurations. Here are some offerings by VERSITRON, especially useful for the telecom industry.
  • Media converters: Media converters are devices that go a step further than Ethernet extenders. They are extremely useful in blended networks as they convert signals from electric to light pulses and vice versa. Depending on the type of network and the number of media converters, you can actually extend the geographical transmission distance up to 100 km. Fiber media converters with PoE or without PoE have gained huge traction in the telecom sector as it can cater to the demands of complex networks, as well as connect and convert dissimilar networks to fiber. We offer a variety of media converters in different configurations and compatibility with almost all network protocols. These are designed for commercial as well as industrial environments.
  • SFP Transceiver Modules: SFP stands for “small form factor pluggable” transceiver modules that are used in hot-swappable devices in networking equipment to interface with fiber optic or copper cables. SFP modules are used in the telecom sector to establish high-speed connections between network nodes. These compact modules are also called mini-GBIC SFP transceivers. VERSITRON offers Bidirectional SFP modules, SFP transceivers, single mode SFP, multi-mode SFP, SFP+, QSFP, and QSFP+ transceivers.
  • 2-Wire POTS: Good old land phones are still used in many offices and they need excellent interconnectivity. POTS stands for plain old telephone signal. At VERSITRON, we offer 2-wire POTS phone and data kits. We offer TeleData modems that convert POTS + RS-485 data signals to fiber optic cable, which prevents EMI and RFI. These kits comprise FXO unit, FXS unit, external power supplies (90-240VAC), and 100-meter fiber optic cable.
  • Fiber Optic Network Switches: These network devices are functional at layer 2 of the OSI model. They facilitate inter-device communication in a network and forward data packets to the right destination. They are hugely used in telecom companies to route, manage data, and ensure high speed and quality for their voice and data services. VERSITRON offers Ethernet to fiber, Gigabit Ethernet, and fiber optic network switches, most of them with PoE. We offer both managed and unmanaged switches designed for commercial and industrial environments. The number of ports vary from 4 to 40 and beyond, and can be customized depending on the application requirement. All switches have RJ45 connector ports as well as SFP ports that serve copper cables and fiber cables, respectively.

Application of Optical Fiber in Telecommunication

Here are some application areas of fiber optics in the telecom industry.
  • Server strength in data centers
  • High-speed and long-distance connectivity
  • Telephone and data signal transmission
  • Audio and video streaming and file transmission
  • Secure communication networks for military
  • Undersea cables for enhanced connectivity across the globe
  • Mobile backhaul
If you are a part of the telecom industry, establishing high-speed networks may be crucial for you. To achieve this, you need the right type of network devices, for which VERSITRON can be a reliable partner. VERSITRON has played a significant role in developing compatible devices that facilitate communication between copper and fiber. In case of any further questions on our network devices or requirement sharing, you can contact us via email or phone.

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