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8-Channel Video to Fiber Installation Kits

The VersiVision 8-channel video installation kits provide you with all the necessary equipment to convert eight CCTV analog video signals or cameras to fiber optic cable. Both Multimode and Singlemode fiber cable are supported in simplex formats. The installation kits include:

  • 8-channel analog video transmitter
  • 8-channel analog video receiver
  • (2) Power Supplies, 5VDC 2A
  • 100 meters of multimode or singlemode fiber optic cable.

Operation of 8-Channel Video to Fiber Converters

Both the transmitter and receiver devices are fiber optic video converters which utilize a BNC connector at the copper side and an ST optical connector on the fiber side. The transmitter is placed at the camera side of the link and the receiver unit is placed at the monitoring location. Our 8-channel video converters are ideal for basic monitoring applications where eight CCTV cameras are present. Our devices are compatible with NTSC, PAL, or SECAM video signals. If you are using cameras that have Pan, Tilt, and Zoom capability, we offer devices that have RS-485 data control (RS-422 and RS-232 available upon request). VERSITRON also offers 8-channel video to fiber converters that have 24-bit digitally encoded audio capability.
VERSITRON’s 8-channel video to fiber converters are used in city-wide surveillance applications, highway traffic monitoring, as well as auto manufacturing and furnace temperature monitoring.

Features of 8-Channel Video to Fiber Installation Kits:

  • 8-Bit Uncompressed Video Transmission
  • NTSC, PAL, or SECAM Video Compatible
  • Transmit up to 30km without Optical Attenuation
  • Wide Optical Dynamic Range
  • No EMI, RFI, Cross Talk or Video Distortion
  • No Electrical or Optical Adjustments Required
  • LED Indicators for Instant System Monitoring
  • Stand-Alone or Rack-Mount in FVC18 Chassis
  • Hot-Pluggable into the FVC18 Chassis
  • RS-485 Data (RS-232 or RS-422 Optional)

Here is a basic application diagram for how to connect the 8-channel “video only” devices:

8-channel video installation kits

If you have a project that requires converting a standard CCTV analog camera to fiber, please consider our fiber optic video converters. We would be happy to assist you and recommend one of our 8-channel video installation kits for your specific application. We look forward to speaking with you!

8-Channel Video Installation Kits

Model Function Connector Fiber Cable Wavelength Max RFQ
FVMTR8003A TX / RX ST Simplex MM 1310nm 3 Km
FVMTR8005A TX / RX ST Simplex SM 1310nm 30 Km
FVMTR8A03A TX / RX ST Simplex MM 1310nm 3 Km
FVMTR8A05A TX / RX ST Simplex SM 1310nm 30 Km