Parking Lot Surveillance System

Parking lot surveillance has become one of the key requirements in residences, commercial, and industrial facilities. Parking lot surveillance is essential to prevent car theft, damage, and unwanted intrusions. Also, in modern parking management systems, smart parking solutions like automated valet parking robots, parking sensors, parking-routing-information-systems (PRIS), etc are adopted. In such smart parking solutions, surveillance plays an important role during automated allotment of parking spaces, automated parking, etc. Certainly, the deployment of highly efficient and advanced surveillance networks is essential in such smart parking systems. Acknowledging this, VERSITRON offers a vast range of products that can complement the modern parking lot surveillance systems by ensuring their consistent connectivity and high availability.

VERSITRON Products Used in Parking Lot Surveillance Systems

The smart surveillance for the parking lot generally includes security cameras, transmission media such as copper cables or fiber optics cables, network switches with fiber, connectors, etc. Since smart surveillance is integrated with remote monitoring software tools, the provision of a common wireless network is adopted in such parking lot surveillance systems. In order to deploy highly upgraded surveillance systems for parking lots, VERSITRON offers complete parking lot surveillance integration systems.

  • CCTV Fiber Optics Video Kits: VERSITRON offers complete CCTV fiber optics video kits. Our CCTV fiber optics video kits are a complete solution for deploying surveillance networks. Each kit includes video transmitters, receivers, power supplies, 100-meter long fiber optics cable (Single-Mode or Multi-Mode). These CCTV surveillance kits are compatible with NTSC, PAL, and SECAM camera systems.
  • Fiber Optic Modems: The smart networks for parking lot surveillance operate on internet protocol (IP), or Ethernet protocols. Using these transmission protocols, the surveillance networks are integrated with monitoring and control software over a wireless network zone. For generating a strong internet zone such as Wi-Fi, virtual LAN (VLAN), etc, VERSITRON offers fiber optic modems to provide solutions. These fiber optics modems are ideal for VLAN, Wi-Fi, etc. These modems enable the integration of all the IP/PoE cameras and network switches over a remote monitoring system and network video recorder (NVR) systems.
  • Fiber Optic Media Converters: Video signals are bulky in nature. In smart parking solutions, IP or PoE cameras are integrated which requires the transmission of video signals in the form of multiple frames. It requires higher bandwidth and therefore fiber optics is used as transmission media. However, some networks may use copper cables which pose certain restrictions in terms of transmission distance and other security issues. This is why nowadays networks also use fiber optic cables. For such networks, fiber optic media converters are used to perform electro-optical transmission of data and vice versa.
  • Industrial Ethernet Switches: We offer industrial Ethernet switches for routing surveillance data and directing it to the control and monitoring panel. We offer Ethernet switches that can be chosen according to the network requirements. For fully managed remote parking lot surveillance systems, we offer managed industrial Ethernet switches and for predefined transmission systems, our unmanaged Ethernet switches work the best.   

Applications of VERSITRON’s Products in Parking lot Surveillance Systems

VERSITRON’s surveillance solutions and related products are used for the following operations in parking surveillance systems.

  • Gate monitoring
  • Parking lot allotment
  • Monitoring for third-party intrusion
  • Automated parking
  • Parking guidance for reverse parking

If you are looking for smart products to deploy in smart surveillance systems at your parking lots, our solutions may be suitable for your applications. To know more about our products and services, please feel free to contact us.

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