Fiber Optic Network Switches

Fiber Optic Network Switches

VERSITRON manufactures a wide range of fiber optic switches that provide links for your 10Base, 100Base, 1000Base Gigabit, and 10 Gigabit networks simultaneously. Various port sizes are available ranging from 4 up to 52 ports. We offer solutions that provide seamless transmission and conversion from Ethernet media to multimode or singlemode fiber. We offer devices in managed or unmanaged formats combined with both Industrial and Commercial grades. Utilize our PoE/PoE+ switches to power your Ethernet devices across all networks. SFP technology is available on many of our products. If you need exceptional flexibility, please take a look at our Pick-A-Port Modular Switch.

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    If you're looking for industrial hardened versions, power over ethernet or network switches we have these too. And, all of these products carry a lifetime warranty.

    Please give us a call (1-800-537-2296) or open a chat with any questions. We would be delighted to speak with you. 


    • PoE (Power over Ethernet)
    • Distance to 100 km
    • Multimode, Singlemode, and Single Fiber
    • Full Transparency
    • Several Connector Options
    • Gigabit Uplinks
    • IEEE Standards
    • Rack Mountable

    Our Most Popular Product:
    The Modular 10/100/1000 "Pick-a-Port"
    11 Different Modules Available

    All-Fiber Solutions too!