2-Wire POTS Phone & Data Kits

2-Wire POTS Phone & Data Kits
2-Wire POTS Phone & Data Kits 
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    Here are complete packages for extending 1 to 8 Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) analog phone lines using fiber converters. Voice links are then secure and free from EMI/RFI interference, lightning, and ground loops.


    • FXO Unit
    • FXS Unit
    • External Power Supplies (90-240VAC)
    • 100Meters (328 Feet) Of F.O. Cable
    The FXO unit is installed at the PBX site (exchange) and the FXS unit is installed at the telephone site (subscriber). Note: For "ring down" applications FXS units are installed at both ends of the link.

    Kits are also offered that support an independent RS-485/RS-422 data link up to 64Kbps. Installation options include standalone and rack-mount.

    Fiber is included with each kit. You can choose multimode, multimode single f.o. cable, singlemode, and singlemode single f.o. cable. LC optical connectors are standard.

    You get everything you need in a plug & play solution for your phone-to-fiber requirements and, you get a Lifetime Warranty from a trusted manufacturer for 59 years!

    These types of products are becoming more and more popular for use in residential "gated community" applications. These devices are especially beneficial where long distances are in play between the gate itself and the monitoring station.

    There's a wide selection of turnkey installation kits to choose from. Contact us for any assistance by giving us a call at (1-800-537-2296) or opening a chat. We're here to help.