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Fiber Optic Analog Telephone Modems

VERSITRON’s Fiber Optic Telephone Modems allow a user to extend an analog telephone signal over a multimode or singlemode fiber optic cable. The analog signal is encoded or “digitized” before being converted to light. Both voice and data transmission are achieved using our modems. We offer devices in the following formats:

Details of the Types of Fiber Telephone Modems

Here is a detailed description of each of the types of our fiber optic telephone modems:

  • 4 Wire Analog: VERSITRON FOM II Series Model F272xB group modems provide a fiber optic link for two 4-wire telephones or one channel of stereo audio. As a copper to fiber analog telephone device, these modems support full duplex secure voice communications. The F272xB units can be used to provide an intercom link, PA system, or other 4-wire analog services. Copper to fiber connectivity is also supported by the F272xB devices when used for two channels of mono audio or one channel of stereo audio. The F272xB modems can also function as multiplexer “port cards” when installed in VERSITRON’s VMX20 chassis as part of the VERSIMUX II multiplexer platform We offer two versions of this modem:
    • Model F2722B: This modem utilizes multimode fiber
    • Model F2725B: This modem utilizes single-mode optical fiber.

    The digitizing process used by the F272xB modems allows for fully transparent fiber optic isolation of the audio path. Using proprietary digital encoding and multiplexing techniques, the F272xB modems simultaneously transmit and receive analog signals to and from remote locations up to a distance of 120 km. Other features include SFP fiber optic module technology, built-in alarms to warn of power or electric malfunctions, and the following LED indicator lights: PWR, ALARM, CLPL (clipping left audio channel), and CLPR (clipping right audio channel).

    • 2 Wire Analog with Data: VERSITRON’s Fiber Optic Teledata Modems are used to extend one 2-wire analog telephone and/or RS-485 or RS-422 data over duplex multimode or singlemode fiber. For analog telephone conversions, the F270xA modem functions as the exchange side modem (installed at PBX location) while the F271xA functions as the subscriber modem (installed at phone location). For intercom or ring-down applications, the F271xA is used at each end of the connection. An RJ11 connector provides the copper interface for the telephone input. LC fiber connectors provide the fiber optic interface. For RS-485 and RS-422 data conversions, the F270xAD functions as the exchange modem and the F271xAD functions as the subscriber side modem. As with all VERSITRON FOM II Series modems, the digitizing process allows for a fully transparent fiber optic link.
    • POTS Kits for 1, 4, and 8 Channel Applications: Our 2-wire POTS (plain old telephone) installation kits offer the transmission of a standard analog phone over a fiber optic cable in a complete package. We offer kits for 1, 4, and 8 channels of analog telephone lines. Each kit contains an FXO unit, FXS unit, 100 meters of fiber optic cable, and external power supplies. The voice links are totally free of electromagnetic interference, ground loops, and lightning.
    • Versimux II Telephone/Data Multiplexer accommodating up to 152 Voice Lines: The VERSITRON VERSIMUX II Series of products are designed to multiplex multiple analog telephone lines over fiber optic cable. The wide variety of cards and chassis allow for configurations of four phone lines, eight phone lines, or up to 152 phone lines! Using fiber optic SFP module technology, the VERSIMUX II offers the flexibility of using one or two strands of either multimode or singlemode fiber for distances of up to 80 km with no optical adjustments required. All multiplexer cards utilize standard RJ11 phone jacks for Plug and Play, adjustment-free installation and operation. LED indicators are provided to instantly monitor the operating status of each multiplexer card and phone port. A typical installation utilizes an exchange side card at the PBX end of the application, connected via fiber optic cable, to a subscriber side card at the telephone end of the application. Products are available for either standalone or rack-mount installation.

Beneficial Features of Fiber Optic Analog Telephone Modems at VERSITRON

Here are some of the beneficial features of our teledata modems:

  • Our 4-wire models have LC optical connectors, a DB9 electrical interface, and 1/8" TRS audio connectors. Analog audio signals are 300Hz to 3.4KHz.
  • Any of the models can be used in the VERSITRON FOM II enclosures/chassis or the Versimux II chassis interchangeably.
  • Our 2-wire F270xA/F271xA units are extremely useful in intercom applications and are widely used among gated communities for internal voice-only communication.
  • LED indicators for instant system monitoring.
  • Standalone or Rack-Mount installation options.
  • Our products offer services for up to a distance of 120 km.
  • SFP fiber optic module technology with LC connectors utilized for all modems.
  • The VERSIMUX II allows a user to transmit up to 152 analog phones over one fiber link.
  • The 2-wire F270xAD/F271xAD units offer a user the ability to extend a data signal (RS-485 or RS-422) as well as a voice link over a duplex fiber optic cable.

Quality and Warranty

We are very stringent when it comes to the quality of our products. Rigorous quality controls and testing procedures are employed to verify functionality prior to any device being shipped. As with all VERSITRON products, our teledata modems carry a lifetime warranty. Please refer to our warranty statement for a detailed explanation regarding warranty claims and procedures.

VERSITRON has a variety of modems with various configurations that consist of several application areas. Based on our market experience of over six decades, we can help you choose the right product depending on your application. VERSITRON fiber optic modems are extremely reliable and have a record of being operational for more than 14 years. For any specific queries about our analog telephone modems, we welcome you to contact us at 1-800-537-2296 / 302-894-0699 or send us an email. We would be delighted to speak with you!