Fiber Optic Solutions for Military and Defense Applications

Reliability and security of applications are two key challenges faced by military and defense departments. This is because applications in these industries are exposed to challenging environments where they may be subjected to high temperature, intense EMI, high pressure, corrosion, and lightening. These applications are also vulnerable to human threats. In recent years the use for fiber optic technologies has increased in the military and defense sector.

VERSITRON has been designing and delivering advanced products for fiber optic military applications since 1958 that meet and exceed the expectations of the rigid reliability and security requirements in this sector. They are proven to perform in extreme environments, where other regular products fail to to do so.

VERSITRON’s Fiber Optic Solutions for Defense Application

Being at the forefront of fiber optic solutions for several years, we have been helping our clients take advantage of fiber optics in military operations. The following products are widely used in military fiber network applications:
  • CCTV Analog Video to Fiber Converters:Our CCTV video to fiber devices are widely employed in military bases, where CCTV cameras are used for surveillance and monitoring. These devices usually work in pairs with a transmitter positioned along the camera side and the receiver on the monitoring side. Our CCTV analog video to fiber converters do not alter the quality of video signals, which is why they are an integral part of military fiber network applications across the United States. Our 4-channel multiplexers are extremely popular as they allow military facilities to operate multiple cameras simultaneously over a single fiber strand.
  • Fiber Optic Network Switches:VERSITRON’s fiber optic network switches with web-based device management offer fiber optic links for 100Base and 10Base networks. Our 5-port fiber optic network switches such as Model S7055xM are used in naval submarines because they provide isolation in data communications as well as secured management login.
  • MicroModems:Our MicroModems are manufactured for operating temperatures –from -55°C to +100°C. Both our M6xxD and M8xxD Series are MIL-STD-188-114A compliant. The Model M6xxD can transmit RS 532 and M8xxD series RS-232 switch control signals over fiber links. They enable safe and secure transmission of the control signals over large distances. In addition to these, both these Micromodems support great bandwidths, EMI/RFI immunity, and provide great isolation from lighting strikes. These compact-sized MicroModems can be used with multiplexers. Each of these MicroModems can support 2 high-speed signals on the clock and data lines and 4 low-speed signals on the control lines.
  • Fiber Data and Voice Links:We provide a comprehensive range of fiber data and voice links to choose from. Our 4 Wire Analog Telephone or Audio FOM II Modem support full duplex and transparent audio signals, as well as audio communications. These modems are used for military aircraft development. Fighter aircraft is designed for work close to RADAR and transmitters. To work properly, the aircraft board systems are illuminated by RADAR systems that are working at the distance of tens of feet. The RADAR and aircraft board system signals often contradict each other by producing interferences. Also, these systems may require large distance connectivity, which is not possible to achieve with copper cables. This is where fiber optic cables and our 4-Wire Analog Telephone or Audio FOM II modems work the best. The cables enable long-distance connectivity and modems can easily tune out interferences, thereby enabling proper working of RADAR and aircraft board systems.

Beneficial Features of Fiber Optic Military Solutions by VERSITRON

We take pride in the fact that many of our fiber optic military solutions in addition to the aforementioned ones are today an integral part of military fiber network applications. The following features have contributed to their immense popularity and acceptance.

  • Our fiber optic military solutions are built to MIL-STD and are TAA compliant.
  • They are equipped with features that assure high security of information while minimizing interferences as required by military information safety standards.
  • All our fiber optic products are proven to work in challenging environments and have been used by several military applications worldwide successfully for years.
  • We support customization in terms of splicing, hardware, and communication.

At VERSITRON, we have a solid background in military and defense engineering. This has helped us immensely to outfit military facilities, vehicles, and applications in required specifications, with the utmost focus on quality and performance. All engineering is performed at our well-equipped facility that helps us add an edge to all products. For more information on any of the fiber optic military application products or our services, you can call us at 1-800-537-2296 / 302-894-0699, start a chat, or send us an e-mail by way of the "contact us" button. We rely on our extremely resourceful team of experts who not only handle customer queries but also work closely with our clients to develop solutions for their applications.

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