Aerospace Industry

Fiber Optics For Aerospace Industry

Aerospace as an industry encompasses three major segments- commercial aircraft and defense aircraft related systems; communication systems; and spacecraft and related systems. All these segments require robust communication systems and hardware, which is seamless and works over large distances. Especially, in the defense sector, and more so in all three segments mentioned here, clear communication even in extremely demanding situations is essential. Fiber optic technology has a large application in flight control systems. VERSITRON offers extremely efficient products and solutions based on fiber optics for the aerospace industry in the form of aerospace fiber optic cables, 4 wire analog telephone modems, video surveillance systems, and so on.

fiber optics for the aerospace industry

VERSITRON’s Solutions for the Aerospace Industry

Here are some solutions offered by VERSITRON in terms fiber optic products and systems useful for the aerospace industry.

  • 4-Wire Analog Telephone Modems: Fighter aircraft function in demanding environments and in close proximity to radar systems and other transmitters. This product, also known as Audio FOM II Modem, enables the sophisticated electronic devices on the aircraft to function properly. They provide a fiber optic link for two 4 wire analog telephone lines. The design process in the aircraft requires them to be illuminated at distances of thousands of feet. Only fiber optics makes seamless communication between the control center and aircraft possible without any interference.
  • MicroModems: We offer the MicroModem product series for reliable transmission and reception of data in a compact package with full handshaking signals. The MicroModems M82xxD series is useful to ensure safe operations at airports. Both pilots and air traffic controllers alike are dependent on numerous systems of light, markings, and signs. M82xxDs help transmit RS-232 switch control signals over fiber. This enables secure transmission of these crucial control signals over huge  distances with additional isolation from lightning strikes and EMI/RFI disturbances.
  • Video Transmission Systems: VERSITRON’s fiber optic video transmission systems protect mission critical data, and offer signal transmission over long distances. We also offer video installation kits comprising transmitters, receivers, power supplies, and so on which can be easily installed. These kits are provided with both singlemode and multimode fibers.

Beneficial Features of the Aerospace Industry Solutions

There are several benefits of our products and solutions for the aerospace industry:

  • Considering the demanding and harsh environments these segments function in, our fiber optic cables for the aerospace industry are designed to be resistant to hot and cold temperatures, lightning strikes, heavy rains, snow, vibration, pressure, and so on.
  • We offer lightweight and compact fiber optic cables with large bandwidth; this reduces the installation time, size, and weight.
  • VERSITRON offers fiber optics sensing solutions such as accurate temperature and air pressure monitoring considering the environmental parameters, current voltage sensors, fiber optic sensors to monitor aircraft structures, etc.
  • We offer plenty of customization to suit your requirements in terms of hardware, splicing, cable lengths, seamless communication at extremely high altitudes, communication with ground staff, and so on.
  • Our products facilitate remote monitoring and access, temperature control, and improved surveillance capabilities.

If you are in the aviation sector, fiber optics may be extremely useful. If you need any further details in terms of technicalities, pricing, services, installation, and so on, please feel free to reach us through phone or email. We have an extremely resourceful team of experts who can answer all your questions, and help you select the right product for your application.