Fiber Optic Solutions for Aerospace Industry

Aerospace as an industry encompasses both military and commercial aircraft, spacecraft, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), and other general aviation segments such as on-ground systems, air traffic control, and more.

All these segments require robust communication systems and network devices that work across huge distances sometimes far away from earth. A space station on the ground must communicate with a spacecraft beyond earth’s atmosphere and into the space.

It is also for communication among crew in aircraft with the ground staff and air traffic controllers. All of this communication must be seamless, considering the gravity of loss if anything goes wrong.

All of this goes almost beyond the scope of legacy systems and copper cable networks, and this is where aerospace fiber optics works well. VERSITRON offers a number of network devices for aerospace fiber optic applications.

VERSITRON's Fiber Optic Solutions for Aerospace Applications

Our Specialized aerospace fiber optics solutions offer improved communication, precision, and safety. Here are some of our product offerings which can be customized to suit the requirements of aerospace fiber optic applications.

  • 4-Wire Analog Telephone Modems: Fighter aircraft function in extreme weather conditions and topographies. Hence, sensing through radar systems and communicating the same via transmitters and receivers is crucial. We offer 4-wire analog telephone modems, also known as Audio FOM II Modem, which enables the sophisticated electronic devices on the aircraft to function properly. They provide a fiber optic link for two 4-wire analog telephone lines to enhance speed and communication quality, regardless of the distance. These modems enable seamless communication between the control center and aircraft possible without any interference.
  • MicroModems: We offer the MicroModem product series for reliable transmission and reception of data in a compact package with full handshaking signals. The MicroModems M82xxD series ensures safe and reliable operations at airports. Both pilots and air traffic controllers alike are dependent on numerous systems of light, markings, and signs. M82xxDs help transmit RS-232 switch control signals over fiber. This enables secure transmission of these crucial control signals over long distances with complete isolation from lightning strikes and EMI/RFI disturbances.
  • Video Transmission Systems: VERSITRON’s fiber optic video transmission systems protect mission-critical data, and offer signal transmission over long distances with amazing clarity. We also offer video installation kits comprising transmitters, receivers, power supplies, and so on which can be easily installed.
  • Fiber Optic Network Switches: We offer a variety of commercial and industrial network switches that offer connectivity to fiber as well as copper cables, based on the type of ports they have. They are integral to the data packet forwarding process over long distances.
  • Media Converters: These devices work as an interface between electric and light pulse signals. They facilitate signal conversion and connect two dissimilar networks. You can blend fiber optics with existing legacy systems at airports, base stations, and more.

Advantages of VERSITRON's Fiber Optic Solutions for Aerospace Industry

Here are some benefits of our network devices based on fiber optics in aerospace sector.

  • Our network devices such as video transmitters and receivers, switches, and more have a robust design that suits the harsh operating environment of the aviation sector, such as rough weather, smoke, and more.
  • These devices are compact and lightweight, which makes them suitable for use in aircraft systems and other confined spaces.
  • Fiber optics as a technology offers high bandwidth and speed, which achieves quick and long-distance communication links with minimal or no signal losses.
  • We offer custom options for all our devices to suit specific requirements of mission-critical applications across aerospace segments.
  • Fiber optics also finds application in advanced sensing technology which is widely used in radar systems, surveillance systems, and more in this sector.
  • Fiber optics has enabled advanced capabilities and operational efficiency across aerospace segments
  • Our devices are designed to work with IP and CCTV cameras used in surveillance and video conferencing applications. They enhance the ability of these cameras in terms of remote sensing, picture quality, and so on.
  • Precise temperature control can be achieved via fiber optic sensing solutions in aircraft. Fiber optic sensors can withstand extreme hot and cold temperature ranges.
  • Fiber optic networks are secure and cannot be easily tampered or hacked. This helps maintain data confidentiality and integrity.

Our devices find use in navigation systems, in-flight entertainment, voice and data communication with ground staff and air traffic control, remote monitoring of UAVs, satellite communication systems, and more.

Empowering Aviation with Fiber Optics

The implementation of fiber optics in aerospace has revolutionized the way this sector functions. Fiber optics caters to modern aviation demands in terms of lightweight and compact devices, advanced and high-speed systems to measure or control parameters such as temperature, pressure, and so on. Robust communication and sensing systems help enhance speed, precision, fuel efficiency, security, and makes this sector future proof in terms of absorbing new technologies.

Whether you are,

  • An aviation equipment manufacturer
  • A service provider to commercial or defense aircraft and on-ground systems
  • An electronic systems assembler for UAVs, and space satellites

and so on, fiber optics is key to the best output in such mission-critical applications.

The good part is that the devices we offer at VERSITRON are compatible with legacy systems, too. Fiber optics can be efficiently blended with existing systems to enhance signal propagation, speed, connectivity, and more. At VERSITRON, we offer a variety of network switches, video transmission systems, media converters, and more that are suited for various aerospace applications. If you are interested in knowing the technical details, pricing, services, or any other related information, or want to place an order, our team of experts can help you. Please feel free to reach us via phone or email.

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