Hardened PoE Switches

Hardened PoE switches are designed to withstand harsh environments, including excessive vibrations, shocks, and high levels of electromagnetic interference. These switches also operate in extreme temperature conditions ranging from -40°F to 167°F (-40°C to +75°C).

Versitron's range of managed hardened PoE switches is equipped with features such as PoE/PoE++ support, gigabit ports, and SFP slots. These rugged PoE switches have redundant dual power supply inputs (48/52 VDC) and come in rugged DIN rail or wall-mountable enclosures.

Our ruggedized PoE switches are specifically designed for industrial environments, including manufacturing plants, factories, warehouses, oil refineries, and mining sites. They can also be uniquely utilized for a wide range of networking applications, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity in remote locations, surveillance systems, transportation systems, outdoor Wi-Fi networks, smart city infrastructure, and military and defense operations.

We offer below managed hardened PoE and PoE+ switches,

Why Choose Versitron’s Managed Hardened PoE Switches?

  • All models of hardened PoE switches come with a best-in-class lifetime warranty.
  • We offer prompt responses to your inquiries, along with free unlimited sales and technical support.
  • Our products are proudly manufactured in the United States, guaranteeing high quality and reliability.
  • With over six decades of experience, Versitron has been a trusted provider, safeguarding communications since 1958.

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