Know How Modular Data Centers Are Beneficial for SMBs

A data center is a unit which controls all digital data transactions in IT companies. It is a convenient option, as a huge amount of data is processed, analyzed, used, and stored on any given day. A modular data center is a portable version of this data center, which makes this whole data process flexible and economical. There are many benefits these modular centers offer and hence are gaining traction in the market. One of the biggest benefits is reduced power consumption, all thanks to fiber optic switches and low power PoE devices. This is a huge factor for small and medium businesses to get their own data center. This post discusses the benefits of modular data centers and how fiber optics play a vital role in it. 
Benefits of a Modular Data Center for SMBs

How Modular Data Centers Are Beneficial for Small and Medium Businesses 

Here are some advantages of opting for this type of a center.
  • As the term implies, these are module like structures which are portable and can be moved from one place to another. Especially as businesses shift locations or expand, this is an affordable option for data security, storage and control.
  • They are made of already fabricated parts and can be built quickly. This saves on production costs and data security issues.
  • These serve as an economical makeshift arrangement in case of business expansions in small and medium scale businesses.
  • These structures are scalable and hence ideal for businesses with growing data management needs.
  • These data centers are complete with a perfect network infrastructure comprising connection points and other hardware parts, software, power supplies, and other crucial systems such as for fire detection, device cooling, and security.
  • Most of it is automated and can function with minimal technical staff. This helps reduce costs and space utilization.
  • Since this center can be made up and functional within a few weeks, it helps organizations save on production time and reduce time-to-market, offering them a huge competitive advantage.
  • The use of pre-fabricated parts, standard network components, and ready to install assembled units make the construction and installation job easy. You can also opt for pre-loaded software if it is compatible with the installed hardware devices.
  • Unlike a conventional data center with huge mainframes and wiring, this version is versatile and flexible. Also, it turns out to be much more affordable compared to upgrading an existing conventional data center.
  • Efficient security, cooling, and fiber optics play a crucial role in increasing its speed of the network. Although fiber optics may sound like a significant investment, it becomes cost-effective in the long run.
  • The cost effectiveness comes from reduced power consumption owing to fiber optic cables and fiber optic media converters, and the use of PoE devices wherever possible. This helps avoid the need for additional or external power sources. 

Use of Fiber Optics in Modular Data Center Networks

Reliability, accurate, and fast data transfer require a good bandwidth, signal strength, and robust devices, all of which can be achieved using fiber optic networks. Fiber optic networks offer better data security and are difficult to hack, and this is another reason for using fiber optic devices and cabling. As mentioned before:
  • PoE devices can be installed over a fiber optic network offering a dual advantage of power supply and data transfer.
  • Data can be transmitted over a fiber optic cable at a decent rate of over 10Gbps. Also, these networks are scalable to meet the future demands which may rise beyond 100Gbps.
  • Fiber optic network switches are designed to support up to 50Gbps switch ports. This is still an upcoming market segment, and the demand for fiber optic networks would rise with the surge in demand for modular data centers.
If you plan to strengthen and expand your existing network, install a fiber optic network, or build an efficient data center, ensure you get all the fiber optic devices from a certified and reliable manufacturer and supplier. VERSITRON is a leading manufacturer of a variety of fiber optic network devices such as switches, connectors, media converters, and more which may help you strengthen your center’s infrastructure.

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