Fiber Optics For Transportation Industry Solutions

Digitalization has revolutionized businesses and the transportation industry is no exception. As technology advances, our roads, air travel, and even parking activities are being monitored and optimized for better efficiency. With the growth in technology, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is being implemented on roads and highways as well as air transportation. ITS involves activities like traffic monitoring, security surveillance, parking management, license plate identification, surveillance violation of traffic regulations, etc.  Although various digital technologies have helped streamline processes in the transportation industry, they demand reliable connectivity products, too. This is where we can help. Versitron provides superior transportation industry solutions. Our collection features several fiber optic connectivity solutions for the transportation industry. These solutions not only help assure the proper connectivity but also enable operators to make informed decisions to improve the safety of their customers.

Versitron’s Transportation Industry Solutions

Versitron supplies several fiber optic products that are useful for various ITS requirements. The list of our fiber optics products compatible with ITS is as follows. 

  • SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is used in ITS as a fiber optic solution for transportation. It helps localize remote activities. The system comprises the communication system, the master station, and the remote station. This system is integrated with fiber optic communication media to avoid electromagnetic interference and offer long-distance transmission. SCADA is used in an intelligent transportation system for monitoring purposes and license plate identification.   
  • VersiVision FDVT/FDVR1AAxA: These devices are sets of video transmitters and receivers that are being used for traffic monitoring on roads. It features 10/100 Ethernet bidirectional audio and video signal transmission. It is one channel fiber optic video converter kit that comes with a transmitter for the camera side of the link, the receiver for the monitoring side, power supplies, and 100 meters of Multimode or Singlemode fiber depending on the application.
  • Micro-Modems: Versitron’s industrial fiber optic micro-modems are suitable for safe operation monitoring and management at airports. We offer two models of these micro-modems, namely, M82xxD for RS-232 and M62xxD for RS-530. These are compact sets of fiber optic data transmission and reception equipment. These micro modems from Versitron are useful for pilot operation monitoring and air traffic control monitoring.

These transportation industry solutions from Versitron enable the optimization and performance of intelligent transportation system (ITS). However, for activities like surveillance, data transmission, inter-traffic-post communication, products like PoE gigabit switches, fiber optic modems, fiber optic switches, HD/TVI/AHD video amplifiers can also be used.

Beneficial Features of Transportation Industry Solutions

Our fiber optic solutions for the transportation industry have gained immense popularity due to the benefits that they offer. The following are a few beneficial features of the same.

  • Immune to EMI/RFI: Our fiber optic ITS products are immune to electromagnetic interruption, external noise, etc.
  • Versatile Compatibility: These devices are compatible with NTSC, PAL, SECAM cameras.
  • WDM Technology for Higher Reliability: Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) in our products assure reliable and multi-channeled data transmission.
  • Increased Transmission Distance and Signal Capacity: They are compatible with long-distance dual-transmission and due to WDM and increased bandwidth signal capacity is higher.
  • Compact Designs: Our fiber optics products feature a compact design, especially the micro-modems being used in air traffic monitoring.

Applications of Fiber Optic Technology in the Transportation Industry

The following are some general applications of fiber optic products in ITS, as a source of industrial networking for transportation.

  • Traffic Monitoring: For traffic monitoring, surveillance, license plate identification, etc, SCADA and VersiVision FDVT/FDVR1AAxA are used.
  • Parking Management: For parking management, surveillance cameras, video amplifiers, etc are used.
  • Traffic Signals: Traffic signals are now implemented with fiber optic transmission media to enhance the speed of traffic management applications.
  • Automated License Plate Recognition: Scanners and Surveillance cameras are used for automated license plate recognition.
  • Transportation Wi-Fi Access Points:  For Wi-Fi facilities in trains, buses, bus stops, and transport halts, fiber optic modems. Ethernet cables are also used in cases of instant data transmission requirements.

In order to know more about our intelligent transportation system (ITS) compliant Transportation Industry Solutions, please feel free to contact us. Our experts will be happy to assist you in the selection of suitable fiber optic products as a solution for transportation.

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