Use of Long Reach PoE to Improve CCTV & Remote Security Systems

Published on Updated on May 23, 2024

The CCTV & remote security systems are not a new trend in surveillance. Each security and surveillance network is integrated with CCTV cameras, IP cameras, etc. Since the need for long-distance surveillance, remote surveillance, etc is increasing, the security and surveillance networks are becoming more and more demanding. To improve CCTV & remote security surveillance, several ways can be adopted. However, in high-capacity surveillance networks, Long Reach PoE (LRP) has gained immense traction. For the wide-area surveillance networks, the public security authorities like law enforcement officials rely on CCTV networks with long-reach PoE switches. However, if you are unaware of long-reach PoEs and their application in security and surveillance networks, this post is for you. It discusses what long reach PoEs are and how do they improve CCTV & remote security systems.

Long Reach PoE to improve CCTV

Introduction to Long Reach PoE (LRP)

Long Reach PoE (LRP) is the technology implemented in PoE devices. It enables the transmission of Ethernet signals over long distances. Similar to Long Reach Ethernet, LRP implemented switches can transmit data across large distances while powering the devices in the Ethernet network.
Today, the surveillance networks are spread across a wide area. In such cases, the PoE switches may suffer loss in signal strength, lack of power to some extent, and so on. Ideally, LRP enables signal and power transmission more than 100 meters of transmission distance. The LRP devices can transmit data over 1000 meters (3289 ft).
The long-distance transmission capabilities of these devices help enhance the performance efficiency of Ethernet networks. This is especially helpful in security and surveillance networks where IP cameras are integrated over an Ethernet network.

Types of LRP Devices

Ethernet networks can be fiber-based or copper-based, and the Long Range PoE devices based on the same.

  • LRP over Twisted Pair/Coaxial Copper Cables: The LRP devices like LRP switches are designed to connect and extend transmission over PoE using twisted pair cables. The twisted-pair copper cables and coaxial copper cables are known for short-distance transmission. However, by using LRP switches, the network can be extended and copper cable compliant devices can be powered. These types of switches are mounted using RJ45 or BNC connectors. These LRP switches can support, 2-wire, 4-wire, or 8-wire copper cables.
  • LRP over Fiber Optic Cables: The LRP switches for fiber optics cables support long-distance transmission. Despite this transmission, the use of LRP switches and extenders is recommended for maintaining the signal strength. These Long reach Industrial PoE switches reduce loss of signal strength.

Role of Long Reach PoE (LRP) in Improving CCTV and Remote Security Systems

Long reach PoE is of great significance in wide-area Ethernet surveillance networks. However, there are different devices that play different roles to improve CCTV & remote security systems.

  • Multi-Port LRP Switches for Management:
    The multi-port LRP switches enhance the management capabilities of Ethernet networks. These switches route and switch the data packets by using power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. The transmission of power and data packets both is directed by these switches.
  • LRP Injectors to Enhance Powering Capacities:
    The LRP injectors are single-port devices used to inject additional power sources into the network. The injectors are used to enhance power capacities in quick expanding, remote surveillance networks.
  • LRP Extenders to Increase Transmission Distance:
    The extender increases the speed of transmission in PoE-based Ethernet networks.

In short, the performance efficiency of CCTV Fiber Video kits & remote security systems can be increased by integrating these three LRP devices. The resources required to build Ethernet networks must be of high quality and compliant to long-range PoE technology. That is why all the devices in the Ethernet network should be sourced from reliable suppliers like VERSITRON. The company offers MSA-compliant networking devices that ensure quality and performance.

Rich Tull

Rich Tull
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