How to Extend the Ethernet Distance Without Extra Cost or Devices

Published on Updated on November 28, 2023

The scalability of any network including private ones is a crucial aspect as it leaves scope for future expansions in terms of geographical distance and otherwise. As businesses grow, expand, and enter new geographic locations, this becomes a crucial consideration. This expansion also demands high data security, high speed internet, and seamless connectivity. So, all these factors need to be considered when expanding Ethernet networks. There are more than one ways to extend your network, and using Ethernet extenders is one of them, especially if you have to do away with too much of extra equipment. This post discusses the details of Ethernet extenders and similar devices which help extend the network and enhance connectivity without demanding high upfront investments.

Extend the Ethernet Distance Without Extra Equipment

Devices Which Help Extend the Network Cost Effectively

There are various devices on a network including computers, cameras, printers, and a few PoE devices like PoE Switches which can be powered to supply electricity in small amounts for functioning. Usually, the UTP cable based legacy networks do not go beyond a 100-m radius limit as signals start to weaken ahead of that. Now, you can extend these networks and connect PoE devices even beyond this 100-m range. Here are some devices you can use to extend your network depending upon your budget and requirements.

  • Ethernet Extenders: You can comfortably extend up to 250-300 meters in terms of geographical distance with the help of Ethernet extenders. An Ethernet extender is a device which helps extend the distance limitations of the standard Ethernet. It can forward data between two or more LANs, and can do so with a variety of copper cables or wirelessly. They are cost effective compared to a fiber optic cables; however, the speed at which fiber optic networks function is way higher. Still, Ethernet extenders lend a reasonable speed and distance expansion to a legacy network.
  • Ethernet Switches: There are managed switches and unmanaged switches which can be used to extend a legacy network. This small form factor pluggable (SFP) devices can be easily installed, and aside from the distance of transmission, they help improve connectivity as well. They are compact devices made to withstand harsh weather conditions and wide temperature ranges. These switches have multiple SFP ports and enable to extend the network by connecting several cables in various locations through a central hub. They have several ports depending upon the model such as for fiber cables, copper cable connector, RJ-45 connector, and even mixed copper and fiber ports. At an amazing speed and connectivity, these switches can extend the networks up to even 100 km.
  • Fiber Media Converters: These are the most effective devices when it comes to extending legacy networks. Owing to advanced features, these devices help interpret signals coming from various dissimilar but connected networks and transfer the data accordingly over a fiber optic cable. A legacy network can be extended without digging up simply by connecting to a fiber optic cable and installing fiber optic media converters wherever required. This is ideal for large setups with networks encompassing cities or distant areas. Fiber optics plays a huge role in getting the maximum bandwidth and enabling seamless connectivity and high speed data transfer. Although these devices are expensive compared to a simple Ethernet extender, it is certainly recommended for huge and complex networks.
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Rich Tull

Rich Tull
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