All modern industrial devices use long cables for power transmission. With these devices demanding more power, the use of cables is increasing, and creating more complexities. This is where power over ethernet (PoE) technology makes a difference. It assures higher power transmission with a lesser number of cables than other contemporary technologies. Like any other technology, the PoE is administered through various devices such as PoE switches. What are PoE switches and how do they work? This post answers everything you want to know about these devices. Read More
The local area Ethernet networks use various networking hardware to ensure the connectivity of devices. The network switch is the most important among them because they act as a brain of the network and help connect the devices on a particular Local Area Network (LAN) effectively. These switches receive a message from a target source and they forward it to the intended device, thereby ensuring an effective data transmission between devices on a LAN. Owing to their increasing importance, today, they are designed in various specifications and configurations. They are sometimes differentiated based on their ports or materials, or other factors. In spite of all these, they mainly belong to two categories – managed and unmanaged switches. How do these switches differ? What is the right switch for your application? Read the post to know the answers. Read More
Electronic data storage is an important aspect of any business from a small, computerized office setup to a large manufacturing unit. There are various ways and devices to store data; however, it should be stored in such a way that it is safeguarded from attacks and can be accessed by the right personnel on time, to make strategic decisions. For last many years, the client-server network has been used, wherein one of the computers acts as a server and stores the data of all the other computers or terminals. Nowadays, there are many virtual storage systems such as cloud; however, this largely depends upon your business requirement. For small businesses, network-attached storage (NAS) is another basic, file-level storage system. So what is the difference between client-server and NAS, and which one is better? This post discusses the same Read More
The security of property and people is an important requisite for any business. Today, businesses are investing in various types of security solutions to improve their business safety. Over the years, Network Video Recorders (NVR) have emerged as one of the popular security solutions. They are used with IP cameras to improve security. What makes them superior? How to setup NVR for IP cameras on the network? This post discusses everything you wish to know about NVR and configuring it for IP cameras. Read More
Let's face it. Standing in front of your boss explaining why the network is slow or worse yet--down!--is no fun. For businesses today, networks are their very lifeblood. Read More
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