Multimode to Singlemode | Fiber Optic Media Converter


Convert your 100Base and 1000Base multimode networks to singlemode networks using the M720D. OR convert your 100Base and 1000Base singlemode networks to multimode networks using the M720D.

Multimode to Singlemode | Fiber Optic Media Converter

If you have dark fiber in place and it turns out to be incompatible with your current network, you can employ the M720D to "light your fiber up" to your specifications; singlemode or multimode as the case may be. No need to buy replacement hardware. No need to buy and install replacement fiber.

This converter also includes options for bi-directional communication, CWDM, and Din Rail Mounting.

In addition, this product comes equipped with LEDs for ease of network monitoring and carries a lifetime warranty.

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  • Provides conversion between Multimode & Singlemode Fiber
  • Supports 1000Mbps & 100Mbps SFP modules
  • Full wire speed performance
  • SFP flexibility
    (See DataSheet Below)
  • Options for Bi-Directional Communication
  • Options for CWDM Optional DIN rail mounting LEDs for Ease of Network Monitoring Low Power Consumption