How to connect optic fiber cable to a Cat 5 cable?

To connect a fiber optic cable to a Cat5 cable, you need a media converter which helps interpret or convert different types of signals. This is because you are connecting two different types of cables and hence there should be no error or confusion in data transmission. VERSITRON’s media converters are used to connect an Ethernet device with a Cat5 or Cat6 cable to a fiber optic cable. This enables the expansion of the network in terms of the geographical area. This offers many benefits as a user can monitor or control the device from a distance. So, in this case, one fiber optic media converter would be installed at the site of the Ethernet device, and the other one would be installed in the monitoring area of the user. A media converter can be used to link two dissimilar networks, such as copper and fiber. They can also be used to connect two multimode or single mode networks as well as convert one to the other.