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Fiber Optics For Banking/Financial Industry

Banks or financial institutions deal with sensitive financial data. This makes them vulnerable to information theft, third-party intrusions, and cyber-intrusions. To avoid these, they depend on robust networking infrastructure. The infrastructure is built and secured using various fiber optics solutions. Considering the need for sophisticated and security-driven solutions for financial institutions, we, at VERSITRON, offer a wide range of fiber optic solutions for the banking industry.

VERSITRON’s Banking/Financial Industry Solutions

VERSITRON offers several products to support the fiber optic network in banking industry.

  • CCTV fiber optic kits: We offer a wide range of CCTV fiber optic installation kits. Our CCTV fiber optic installation kits include fiber-optic video transmitters, receivers, 100 meters fiber optic cables, etc. They are easy to install and support various types of fiber optic security for financial institutions. It works as a complete solution for banking surveillance requirements.
  • Telephone Modems: In order to ensure the security of internal communication of bank employees and authorities, fiber optic-centric telecommunication systems are installed. VERSITRON offers a range of telephone modems and fiber optics telephone channels. Our range of fiber optic telecommunication products involves telephone modems for 1 channel, 4 channel and 8 channel phones along with FXO and FXS modems, standalone or rack-mounted housing, simplex/duplex single-mode or double mode fiber optic cables according to requirement. This ensures fast, and secured intercom communication inside the bank. Fiber optic cables provided by us help avoid electromagnetic interference, which makes them an ideal choice of telecommunication applications.
  • PoE Media Converters and Switches: VERSITRON’s PoE products are used for Ethernet connections for video, audio, and picture format data transmission. Due to data encryption and secured transmission requirements at the financial institutions, these PoE fiber optic media converters and switches come useful. PoE switches are used in the banking networks for guided and well-directed data transmission.
  • SCADA: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is one of the special products of VERSITRON. It is basically a process control software resource but it can be used for data transfer monitory, log keeping, etc. Therefore, SCADA offers programmable logic control (PLC) for banking data transmission. VERSITRON offers full SCADA setup, user guidance, and maintenance and support services for the fiber-optic network in the banking industry.
  • Teledata Fiber Media Converters: VERSITRON’s Teledata fiber optic media converters are an important part of ATM machine systems. These media converters offer quick information form conversion to offer fast and secure banking transactions via ATM machines. There are two models of Teledata fiber media converters are available at VERSITRON, namely, F27xxAD, and F27xxA.

Beneficial Features of Banking/Financial Industry Solutions

The beneficial features of our solution range of fiber optic for banking networks are as follows.

  • Encrypted Communication Solutions: We offer great quality fiber optics that offers negligible data loss and 100% immunity to external intrusion. Encrypted with advanced solutions risks like cyber theft, information leakage, etc ruled out.
  • Easy Installation: Our solutions under fiber optic for financial institutions range come in integrated installation sets. CCTV installation kit, telephone modems, etc are pre-arranged in the integrated set which makes the final installation easy and error-free.
  • Customized Solutions: Our experts utilize their knowledge and skills to customize fiber optic solutions for banking/financial institutions related problems. We offer 24 hours customer assistance along with maintenance and support.
  • Banking Sites Interconnection: Our integrated fiber optic solutions for banking/financial firms are used to create a branch to branch interconnections.  This makes inter-office communication convenient, secure, and quick.

Applications of Fiber Optic Technology in Banking/Financial Industry

For the following banking related applications, our fiber optic solutions are utilized.

  • Personalized Service Communication: For personalized service communications, the banks build their own confidential communication networks. For these networks, our fiber optic telephone modems, media converters, etc are used.
  • ATM Machines: Our Teledata fiber media converters are used in ATM machines.
  • Security Apps: Various security apps are utilized for remote surveillance, entry restrictions, CCTV footage surveillance, and so on. These apps are interconnected with security cameras over the same fiber-optic network.
  • Security Lockers: Our fiber optic control systems are widely used for the gating systems, security locker systems, and so on.
  • Security and Surveillance: For the bank space surveillance purposes, VERSITRON’s CCTV and PoE camera kits are utilized.

VERSITRON also offers expert guidance for enhancing banking and financial institutional security. We can customize the fiber optics for banking solutions according to each customer’s requirements. To know more about our fiber optic solutions, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to working with you! 

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