All Important Questions on Video Multiplexers Answered

Published on Updated on November 28, 2023

A video multiplexer, which is popularly known as a CCTV multiplexer or video mux, is used in video surveillance systems with complex monitoring requirements. They allow multiple videos to be combined and displayed in different grid views on a single monitor. For instance, in legacy security systems, video multiplexers combine videos from multiple CCTV cameras to be recorded on a video surveillance VCR. Most of the video multiplexers support both analog CCTV cameras and modern HD-over-Coax Cameras. Are you intrigued to know more about them? This post answers all the questions you may have regarding video multiplexers or CCTV video multiplexers.

Video multiplexer

CCTV Video Multiplexer FAQs Answered

Here is the list of a few important questions on video multiplexers:

How does a CCTV multiplexer work?

Videos from several security cameras are transmitted over a coaxial cable to the BNC inputs of the multiplexer. Video multiplexers usually consist of one or more video outputs that can be connected to a monitor or TV. The software inside the video multiplexers combines the video signal from all the inputs and allowing the operator to select various displays including single-screen, four-screen, 8-screen, 9-screen, and so on.

What types of security are supported by video multiplexers?

Initially, multiplexers were used with analog CCTV cameras. But, the modern HD CCTV multiplexers support analog as well as HD-over-Coax cameras.

How to switch screen modes?

Most of the multiplexers have a wireless remote control that is used for switching screen layouts. Some multiplexers have buttons on the front of the units to switch video modes.

Is it possible to use a multiplexer to live multiple cameras?

Yes, it is possible. Instead of using a DVR, a CCTV video multiplexer is widely used to combine the video signals from different cameras into a single view for live streaming. The installation process is quite similar; all you need to do is replace the DVR with a video multiplexer.

Is it possible to use a multiplexer with a DVR?

Yes, it is possible. Many of us use a video multiplexer in conjunction with a surveillance DVR. This is especially in cases where the DVR does not consist of a spot monitor output, and also if the client requires to set up multiple display monitors with multiple camera screen layouts.

Can multiplexers work with wireless HDMI transmitters and HDMI over powerline?

Yes, they work with wireless HDMI transmitters and HDMI over powerline kits too. With the kit, the video signal from a multiplexer can be transmitted to monitors using a standard power outlet/cable.

Is it possible to send videos over an IP network?

Yes. The HDMI over Ethernet kit supports one-to-many and many-to-many network configurations. Thus, one can display the security cameras on multiple monitors.

Are you looking for a video multiplexer for your critical surveillance application? If yes, then it is important to source it from a trusted manufacturer. To support a wide variety of camera features and combinations, VERSITRON offers high-quality and performance-driven video multiplexers that are available in 2,4,8 and 16 units. The video multiplexers are specially designed to be used with analog cameras found in several CCTV applications.

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