"All Fiber" SFP Switches

All fiber switches
Do you need switches with “All Fiber” capability? You have come to the right place! We offer fiber optic switches with multiple SFP ports, allowing you to extend your fiber network from a central “hub” location to many remote locations of varying distances.   

VERSITRON’s lineup of “All Fiber” switches support the following:

  • 10, 16, and 24 port sizes
  • Fiber speeds of 100Base, Gigabit, or 10 Gigabit
  • Multimode or Singlemode fiber supported
  • Distances up to 100km
  • SFP flexibility
  • Managed and Unmanaged options

Model Options:




10-ports, 8-Gigabit SFP Slots, 2-10/100/1000 Copper ports, Unmanaged


16-ports, 12-100M/1G SFP Slots, 2-Fiber uplinks 1G/10G, 2-Copper RJ-45 ports


24-ports, 24-100/1G SFP Slots, 4-10/100/1000Mbps UTP combo ports


“Pick-A-Port” Managed Modular Switch. Mix and Match Copper and Fiber. Supports 11 different modules!