10-port Fiber and Ethernet switches

VERSITRON offers 10-Port network switches that provide users with various capacities of data transmission, multiple configurations, managed and unmanaged options and much more. They are used for various small and large networks such as converting Fast Ethernet as well as Gigabit Ethernet to Fiber Optic, PoE capability etc. These switches are also available in Industrial or Hardened design to withstand harsh environmental conditions. The number of ports on a switch and the type of port are crucial factors in selecting which device is most beneficial for a particular application. A 10-port fiber switch is typically used for medium to large networks. The types of ports primarily comprise small form factor pluggable (SFP) modules for fiber optic connectivity and RJ45 ports for Cat5, or Cat6 copper cables. When you select a 10-port switch, the port configuration consists of a combination of Fiber Optic SFP ports and RJ45 Ethernet ports. Our 10-Port switches are available in the following categories:

  • Unmanaged Industrial Grade Switch
  • Managed Industrial Grade Switch
  • Managed Industrial Grade PoE/PoE+ Switch
  • Managed Commercial Grade PoE/PoE+ Switch
  • “All Fiber” SFP Switch