HF Series FOM II Enclosures and Accessories


VERSITRON HF Series FOM II Enclosures and Chassis are designed for the installation of any VERSITRON FOM II Series Fiber Optic Modem, Isolator, or Interface Extender. Available are the HF1 single card enclosure for standalone applications and a choice of 2 chassis for rack mount installations:


The HF1 enclosures provide one FOM II modem slot for standalone installations. These enclosures are lightweight with rubber feet and may be installed in a variety of locations.

HF-1 Standalone Enclosure
Versimux 8 channel port card in 1 slot chassis

For rack mount installations, the HF2SS chassis provides one or two FOM II modem slots. This 1U high space-saving chassis fits into standard 19-inch racks.

HF2SS Rackmount Chassis
Versimux 8 channel port card in 2 slot side by side chassis

Each modem installed in the HF1 or HF2SS requires a power adapter for converting VAC to VDC. Model PSAC08 converts 110VAC to 12VDC with the USA style plug. Model PSAC09 converts 220VAC to 12VDC with the European style plug. Model PSAC10 is a regulated power adapter used only with F2300 Series modems for converting 110VAC to 12VDC. Model PSAC15 is also a regulated power supply but is only used with the F2238A or F2245A modems for converting 110VAC to 12VDC.

The HF20A chassis provides space for up to 20 FOM II modems and fits in a standard 19″ rack. The chassis is powered by the AC300WR redundant power supply. The AC300WR is a IU high rackmountable unit and is designed to be installed above the HF20A Chassis. The AC300WR also provides for system alarm monitoring.

HF20A Rack Mount Chassis

AC300WR Front View

Located on the front panel of each modem are two fasteners for securing the unit in place. Also on the front panel are LED indicators for power and link status as provided on each modem. Copper, fiber, and power interfaces are all accessible from the rear of each modem. Single or double slot blank panels are offered to protect empty slot positions not in use. Model ADPHF01 protects one slot. Model ADPHF02 protects two slots.