VERSITRON’s M62xxD and M82xxD MicroModem Series provide fully transparent fiber optic transmission for data, clock and control signals.
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    Features of Micromodems include:

    • Handshaking standard on all models
    • Multimode or Singlemode versions available
    • Small Compact Design for limited space installations
    • Mean Time Between Failure greater than fourteen (14) years
    • Fully Transparent Operation with independent data, clock and control lines
    • Installation as Modem Links (DCE-DCE) or Interface Extenders (DCE-DTE)
    • Optional Use of Host Power with M82xxD Series MicroModems
    • Electrical Isolation eliminates ground potential rise and provides dielectric isolation
    • Standalone or 19” rack mounting with redundant power applications
    • Extruded Aluminum Housings for better protection and extended product life
    • Standards Conversion for RS-232, RS-422, RS-423, RS-530, V.35, RS-449, MIL-188-114A (Balanced), MIL-188-114A (Unbalanced)
    • Compatible with the VERSITRON FOM II Series Modems.

    Micromodem connection diagram:
    micromodem connections to data communication equipments

    DCE and DTE Micromodem:
    DCE and DTE micromodem