VERSITRON introduces new managed commercial switches for use in hybrid network

Newark, USA, 2022-Apr-8 — VERSITRON, a leading global manufacturer and supplier of copper-to-fiber connectivity products, has introduced a new category of managed commercial switches. These managed commercial switches facilitate easy communication and interaction of Ethernet devices in the same network. This new category of switches are offered in port sizes from 6 up to 52, and are SFP enabled to ensure maximum flexibility.

About Managed Commercial Switches
VERSITRON’s new managed commercial switches are fully managed Gigabit Ethernet devices, some of which also provide additional 10G capability. The switches provide a set of powerful networking features, including real-time monitoring via Embedded Surveillance Device Management System, Qos, Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP), Link Aggregate Control Protocol (LACP), VLAN (Virtual Local Area Networking), VLAN (Virtual Local Area Networking), Bandwidth Control Function, and DHCP Snooping and Relay.

The switches possess an Ethernet port speed of 7-10/100 Mbps and are compatible with media 10Base-T: Cat3, 4, 5 UTP (<100 meters), 100Base-TX: Cat5 or later UTP (<100 meters). These switches can perform multimode and single-mode media conversion for fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet at distances 20/40/60/80/100/120 Km and 2 Km, respectively. With a packet forwarding rate of 148800pps/port, these switches can easily meet the requirements of fast and secure transmissions.

VERSITRON’s managed commercial switches support up to 16 VLANs, Tag-Based VLAN, port-based, and protocol-based VLAN. The switches feature layer 2 forwarding tables that learn about media access control (MAC) addresses to avoid packet flooding in different ports of VLAN. It can store up to 8K MAC addresses.

VERSITRON’s managed commercial switches comply with Ethernet protocol IEEE802.3 10Base-T; IEEE802.3u; 100Base-TX/FX. They are ideal for any network utilizing a mix of copper and fiber optic cables, and can be used to establish IP connectivity and communication. In addition, they can be used in self-healing Gigabit Ethernet backbone networks.

VERSITRON is a global technology leader for fiber optic connectivity products since 1958. In addition to fiber optic network switches, including industrial-rated and PoE, the company also provides fiber optic Ethernet media converters, fiber optic multiplexers (video-data-voice), fiber optic high definition video converters, fiber optic POTS (FXO/FXS telephone) converters, fiber optic CCTV video converters, and fiber optic serial data converters. Recognized for technology excellence and innovative products, VERSITRON focuses on IEEE Ethernet protocols for the best results.