How to use mode conditioning cables to patch an existing multimode cable plant to your Gigabit LX equipment?

Single mode devices on multimode cables may be problematic at times. Mode conditioning primarily facilitates the offsetting of a single mode fiber optic core with the matching multimode cable. Mode conditioning patch (MCP) cables are multimode patch cords which comprise a single mode fiber cable and a single to multimode calibrated offset fiber connection part. This helps reduce signal transmission errors and seamlessly use Gigabit LX single mode devices such as switches and routers on multimode fiber cables. These duplex cables are easy to install and do not require any additional components or hardware.

These cables are usually used for distances more than 300 meters. They are always used in pairs, and are color coded. When connecting to 10 Gigabit LX devices in an existing multimode cable plant, ensure that these MCP cables are installed at each end of the network link. If you are using a Gigabit LX router or switch with an LC or SC connector, you must connect the single mode to the yellow leg transmitter side and multimode to the orange leg or the receiver side of the device.