PoE Media Converters


The Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology enables copper network cables (cat5, cat6) to deliver data and electric current at the same time. This helps eliminate the need for additional cables. VERSITRON’s PoE media converters support network distance extension over fiber optic cabling while offering the advantage of combining fiber optic conversion with PoE technology. This advantage allows users to power remote devices such as security cameras, video conferencing equipment, VoIP hones or Wi-Fi access points without the need for additional power supplies. All VERSITRON PoE fiber converter devices adhere to the 802.3 IEEE Ethernet Standards.

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    How PoE Powered Media Converters Work?

    A standard 10/100/1000M PoE media converter facilitates the data transmission between a fiber switch and a remote or wireless access point. The access point is also powered by this media converter.  The fiber switch is connected to the PoE media converter using a fiber optic cable. This converter uses an AC or DC power source for signal conversion. The media converter has a copper or UTP cable connected at its other end, and this is connected to the remote access point, located a few meters away. The copper cable is used to supply data and power to the remote access point, thus preventing the use of additional power supplies at the remote location. This is the basic functioning of a PoE media converter. Today, you can see various types of PoE fiber media converters with multiple outputs. Depending upon the type of PoE fiber converter, it can be connected to multiple devices to supply power as well as data. For instance, fiber optic cables are connected a high density chassis of media converters and a UTP switch. The other end of this cable is connected to a PoE fiber converter with AC or DC power connection. The other port of these converters have a UTP cable connecting to a computer and an IP phone, an IP camera and a remote access point, and several such devices located distantly.

    How to choose the right PoE Media Converter?

    Our PoE fiber media converters are fiber to copper linking devices that transfer data in the form of light pulses over a fiber optic cable. At the same time, they can transfer power around 100W to various powered devices connected to the network, such as IP cameras, IP phones, and so on. Fiber to Ethernet media converters are available in various configurations and capacities and with or without PoE. At times, it may be challenging to select the right one. Here are some pointers that may be helpful when selecting media converters with PoE.
    • The type of media converter and whether you require PoE or not would depend on the application requirement, size of the network, geographical areas it encompasses, and more. PoE is especially essential if your network is connected to a surveillance system, wherein the cameras are placed in some remote outdoor area, and need to be powered.
    • You would require PoE media converters with fiber in case you merge fiber optics with your existing legacy network. These converters can interpret both the types of signals electric as well as light pulses coming from UTP copper cables or Ethernet cables and fiber optic cables, respectively.
    • Depending on the type of networks you have, decide on the port type. In case of fiber media converter ports, there are various connectors such as SC, LC, ST, and so on. The other type of port is RJ45 that is used to connect Ethernet cables. Check the number of ports vis-à-vis the number and type of devices you want to connect.
    • Data rate is also an important factor to be considered. The most common data rates are 10/100mbps and 10/100/1000mbps. The speed and signal strength do not vary much in case of fiber optics, unlike Ethernet networks.
    • Consider the compatibility of the PoE fiber media converter with connected switch. Both the devices must support one mode, such as half duplex, full duplex, and so on. Some media converters may support full duplex, but if the connected switch supports half duplex, then it could lead to losses when forwarding data packets.
    • Depending on the transmission distance, you can choose single mode or multimode media converters. Single mode is preferred for long distances.
    • If you have a harsh operating environment, opt for an industrial media converter with PoE. These are designed to work normally at elevated temperatures or extremely cold temperatures and are resistant to various industrial and environmental parameters.

    Beneficial Features of PoE Media Converters Provided by VERSITRON

    A fiber to copper media converter with PoE technology helps bridge the gap between two network types while delivering power to all connected PoE compliant devices including IP cameras. Our PoE powered media converters enable quick signal conversion between copper to fiber cabling and helps extend the signal integrity in noisy environments. They support remote copper port link monitoring, too. Here are some reasons why you can reliably choose a VERSITRON media PoE fiber converter:
    • VERSITRON’s PoE media converters help bridge the gap between different types of networks while supplying electric power.
    • VERSITRON’s PoE fiber media converters support 10/100 and 10/100/1000 Ethernet.
    • They ensure cost-effective media conversion between 10/100/1000 Base TX ports and 100/1000 Base – TX ports.
    • Our PoE media converters are made in the US using high quality components and processors.
    • These PoE fiber converters are compatible with almost all major brands of switches and routers.
    • Our SFP-compliant PoE PSE media converters are assure full wire speed performance. They impose no limit on packet sizes.
    • VERSITRON’s fiber PoE industrial media converters provide direct media conversion for gigabit copper and fiber.
    • All fiber PoE industrial media converters listed here can be connected using DC, PoE, or USB cables.
    • They have bi-directional communication and have additional mounting options as well.
    • All our PoE media converters assure the best conversion latency.
    • These devices are provided with a comprehensive range of configuration options such as TP Mode, TP Duplex, TP Speed, Link Fault Pass Through, and Auto Status Report.
    • Our PoE media converters with fiber assure proven standards of network interoperability as well as compliance.
    • At VERSITRON, we provide free and unlimited technical support on all of our products.
    • All our PoE powered media converters are backed with a lifetime warranty.
    • They can be used in different working environments and temperature grades to meet your specific application requirements.
    • You can easily combine data and power in your network and also improve the operational efficiencies with our proven PoE media converters with fiber.

    Model Description RFQ
    M7260PA2 10/100/1000 PoE/PoE+ PSE to 100/1000 SFP
    MF7260P 10/100/1000TX-FX PoE/PoE+ Industrial Converter, SFP Slot

    PoE Fiber Media Converter Applications

    These are some application areas of our PoE powered media converters:
    • IP cameras
    • Surveillance systems
    • Remote access through wireless connectivity
    • Smart home devices connected across buildings or gated communities
    • With fiber to IP cameras connectivity through a PoE fiber media converter, one can establish connectivity with remote cameras and extend the transmission distance
    • With fiber to wireless access points, you can extend the distance of wireless networks to more than 100 meters that is the limit for UTP cables
    • With fiber to the desktop, you can connect to several desktop devices that are distantly connected and fall in high-security zone.

    Quality and Warranty

    VERSITRON is committed to the quality of its PoE media converters and hence implements rigorous quality control and testing procedures to ensure their quality and functionality before they are delivered to customers. As with all VERSITRON products, our PoE media converters have a lifetime warranty. Please refer to our warranty statement for a detailed explanation regarding warranty claims and procedures.
    Along with seamless data transmission over single mode or multimode fiber and irrespective of the type of network or cables, you can now power your PoE devices without any additional power supplies. VERSITRON offers PoE fiber media converters in various configurations, and we can also help you select the correct device based on your application requirements.  Do you wish to buy a performance-driven fiber to copper media converter with PoE for your next project? You can call us at (1-800-537-2296) or open up a "chat". We would be delighted to speak with you!