Fiber Optic Analog Telephone Modems
2 Wire, 4 Wire, Mux, TeleData
Telephone and Data Multiplexer
Up to 152 Analog phone lines over 1 Fiber Optic Link

If you are looking for a fiber optic telephone modem product, VERSITRON has several options for you. We offer a 4 wire analog option, with new stereo audio capabilities, a standard 2 wire telephone modem, an enhanced 2 wire modem which we have dubbed the Teledata Modem, and a phone mux called the Versimux II. The wide variety of cards and chassis of the Versimux II allows for configurations of single phones or groups of 4 or 8 phone lines. A fully-populated Versimux II chassis can accommodate 152 phone lines.

You can access a fiber optic telephone design drawing for an example of how these products can be used.

VERSITRON'S 4-Wire fiber optic telephone modems provide full-duplex secure voice communications at distances up to 100km with fully transparent operation. These modems convert two 4 wire analog telephone lines OR stereo audio signals into light pulses for transmission over fiber optic cable. Two versions are available which provide an interface to central office voice grade signals. Model F2722B utilizes multimode fiber and Model F2725B utilizes singlemode fiber. All models have LC optical connectors, a DB9 electrical interface, and 1/8" TRS audio connectors. In addition, any of the models can be used in the VERSITRON FOM II enclosures and chassis or the Versimux II chassis.

Our standard 2 wire telephone modems convert a POTS loop start 2 wire analog telephone circuit to light signals for transmission over fiber optic cable. The analog circuit of these devices supports data up to 14.4Kbps vial dial-up modem or fax. We offer:

  • Distances to 100km
  • 6 status indicators
  • SFP fiber optic module technology

The 2 wire TeleData modem, when used in its enhanced version, can also extend a data link (RS-485 or RS-422) as well as a telephone link. In fact, you can send telephone and/or data signals at the same time using one fiber optic cable! The F270xAD functions as the exchange side modem while the F271xAD functions as the subscriber side modem. For intercom or ring down application, the F271xAD is used at each end of the connection. An RJ11 provides the copper interface for the telephone and an RJ45 provides the copper interface for the RS-485/RS-422 data. LC connectors are standard for the fiber optic interface. Several different configurations are offered to accommodate a wide variety of fiber optic needs. The operation of each modem is fully transparent. Distances as follows:

  • 1310nm (MM) - 2Km
  • 1310nm (SM) - 20km

The Versimux II fiber optic multiplexer is capable of handling up to 152 analog phone lines over one fiber link. Using plug-in cards supporting 1,4, or 8 phones, numerous configuration options are available to the end-user, saving costs and permitting quick updates to the phone system. SFP fiber optic module technology is incorporated in all the Versimux II products. These products utilize an exchange card at the PBX end of the application, connected via fiber optic cable to a subscriber card at the telephone end of the application. Multimode and singlemode options are available with distances up to 80km possible.

Other Versitron products include MicroModems and FOM II converters for a variety of interfaces including T1, E1, RS-232, RS-530, RS-485 etc. LAN networking products are also available including Ethernet/Fast Ethernet/Gigabit Ethernet media converters and Ethernet switches with a variety of port and connector options. Products in this group are also available with PoE (power over ethernet) features. Fiber optic video converters and multiplexers are also offered, supporting a wide array of CCTV and other video applications. VERSITRON products are noted for their absolute reliability. With mean time between failure rates of 14+ years and lifetime warranties, VERSITRON stands firmly behind its products. Give us a call at 1-800-537-2296 or 302-894-0699 if you have questions or if we can help you in any way.




2-Wire TeleData Modem
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