Campus Networking In Fiber
A Wealth of Options!

Campus networking and communications products are available from VERSITRON, Inc. with options in speed, size and connectors. Everything from high speed modems and T1 links to 10/100 media converters to a variety of fiber optic ethernet switches can be found at VERSITRON. We are especially excited about our new line of VersiVision digital fiber optic video converters.

In addition, campus networking with fiber allows you several distinct advantages over non-fiber applications.

  • Networks can be extended longer distances
  • Larger amounts of data can be sent due to increased bandwidth
  • No environmental disturbances
  • Immunity to EMI/RFI, lightning strikes



  • 58 years experience with fiber optics
  • Products have MTBF rates of 14+ years
  • Free and Unlimited Technical Support
  • Lifetime Warranties

If your campus environment requires that you power remotely, we have several products which can fill your requirement. In addition, this technology will work for wireless LAN access points as well. You can find a list of PoE and PoE+ products here. And if your applications require industrial specifications as well, you can find industrial products with PoE capability here.

For telecomm or data links, try our T1 fiber modem. The F2400 series provides synchronous, full duplex, half duplex or simplex data transmission at 1.5444 Mbps. With distances up to 30 km with fully transparent operation. This product line supports ANSI T1.403, AT&T TR54016 & AT&T TR 62411 T1 standards. Several different configurations are offered. The T1 modems are presented in FOM II Format.

VERSITRON'S M727xSA "Double-Duty" selectable fiber optic Media Converters are available in MicroModem size and are chosen for their unequaled reliability and performance. These converters allow you to customize your network with the flick of one switch. Settings available include 10/100 auto-sensing, 10base fixed, and 100base fixed. These converters come with standalone or rackmount options and are obtainable in singlemode or multimode versions. LED status, Loop Back Test, and FEFI are included in the features. Several connector options are also available. As with all Versitron products, the "Double-Duty" carries a lifetime warranty. In addition, these products may be purchased online at a discount.

Other media converters of note are the 10/100/1000 Triple Duty Media Converters with GBIC technology and management,the PoE 1000BaseT-SX/LX Gigabit Ethernet Media Converter and the 10/100TX-100FX single fiber media converter.

If you need switches, we have those too. VERSITRON currently offers a variety of optical managed switch products in just about every flavor--5 port, 6 port, 7 port, 8 port, 24 port, and the most flexible of all--the "Pick a Port" Gigabit Modular Switch. GBIC technology and web-based management are featured on several of these switches, as well as PoE (PSE) features. A Fast Ethernet Network Interface Card and a Gigabit Ethernet Network Interface Card are also available and support a number of various operating systems.

Broadcasting programs on on CCTV? Have a security/surveillance installation planned? If so, our digital "VersiVision" line of products are available with 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16 channels. You can also choose to have bi-directional data, audio, and contact closure, and ethernet.

Established in 1958, VERSITRON remains committed to providing exceptional quality and top notch service. Give us a call at 1-800-537-2296 or 302-894-0699 if we can help you in any way.

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