Fiber Optic Serial Data Communications
T1, E1, DS3, RS-232, RS-485 Modem Solutions
In Two Sizes


If you need to send and receive serial data, VERSITRON'S fiber data communications products are available in 2 formats for a large variety of interfaces. Well-tested by the government and military, you can depend on these products to protect and secure your data communications absolutely.

You can choose between the MicroModem style and the FOM II circuit card with chassis. For applications which require smaller equipment at one end of your link, you can even mix and match these modems by taking advantage of our "MicroModem" compatible FOM II's.

In addition, you can also chose between several types of chassis--the HF-1(one slot chassis), the HF-2SS (side by side chassis), or the HF-20 (20 slot chassis). Yes, there is also a chassis available for the MicroModems which will hold 16 "Micros" (MRR-16).

You can also expect to find fully transparent operation in all of our modems with options of synchronous, asynchronous, and isochronous data transmission.

Products also have options of full duplex, half duplex, and simplex operation up to 45 Mbps. And, if you need "handshaking" signals, check out the F2800s, F2900s, and MicroModems.

The following interfaces are available:

Your Fiber Project Specs
FOM II Accessories
MicroModem Accessories
2-Wire TeleData Modem
4-Wire TeleData Modem


RS-232 RS-530 RS-422 RS-423
RS-449 RS-485 T1 E1
V.35 DS3/T3 MIL-STD-188C MIL-STD-188-114
NRZ/TTL MicroModems RS-232 MicroModem Compatible FOM II RS-530 MicroModem Compatible FOM II

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