Series M62xxD and
M82xxD MicroModems


Industrial Modems With Operating Temperature
-55°C to +100°C

Technical Data Sheet

Synchronous/Asynchronous/Isochronous/ Full duplex transmission/ Speeds up to 5Mbps/ Distances to 20km/Fully Transparent Operation/Commercial and Secure Applications.

VERSITRON's M62xxD and M82xxD series MicroModems provide reliable fiber optic data transmission and reception in a compact package. As interface extenders or modem links, MicroModems allow synchronous/asynchronous/isochronous full duplex transmission at speeds from 1 bps to 5Mbps with fully transparent operation. These modems also support full handshaking signals.

VERSITRON MicroModems can currently be found in two unusual application scenarios. The RS-232 M82xxD Series singlemode MicroModems are being used in a university research project for underwater data communications links between submerged equipment. Purpose: Counting Sea Plankton. These modems are also being used at surface level in order to monitor the count.

These same MicroModems are currently used to ensure safe operations at airports. Both pilots and air traffic controllers alike are dependent on numerous systems of light, markings, and signs. The Model M82xxDs are employed to transmit RS-232 switch control signals over fiber. Use of these modems allow for secure transmission of these crucial control signals over greater distances with additional isolation from lightning strikes and EMI/RFI disturbances.

Both the M62xxD (RS-530, RS-422, MIL-STD-188-114A Balanced) and the M82xxD (RS-232, RS-423, MIL-STD-188-114A unbalanced) Series MicroModems operate in either source-timing or terminal-timing modes. In the source-timing mode, a clock and data resynchronization circuit eliminates loop delay and inverted clock signals.

All units are specified with a bit error rate of 10 to the minus 9th. Both series support the full set of control signals associated with RS-232 or RS-530 Standards. DCE and DTE copper interfaces are available, and LC optical connectors make use of the latest in SFP fiber module technology.

Note: V.35 and RS-449 Standards may be configured with optional adapters and M62xxD Series MicroModems.

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In addition to functioning as fully transparent fiber-optic data links, VERSITRON's MicroModems may also be used as multiplexers. Up to six asynchronous data streams may be accommodated by one MicroModem:

  • 2 high-speed signals on the clock and data lines
  • 4 low-speed signals on the control lines

Small enough to connect directly to data terminal and communications equipment, VERSITRON's MicroModems offer versatile solutions and complete transparency for data communications.

Benefits of fiber optics in communications systems:

  • Security
  • Greater Bandwidth
  • EMI/RFI Immunity
  • Greater Distances
  • Isolation
  • Low Signal Attenuation

VERSITRON Micro Modems offer a unique combination of advantages:

  • Fully Transparent Operation with independent data, clock, and control lines permits a wide range of application possibilities.
  • Extremely Small Size minimizes space requirements for desktop operation.
  • Electrical Isolation eliminates problems with ground potential differences and provides dielectric isolation.
  • Enhanced Versatility provides:
    * Null Modem
    (asynchronous or synchronous
    terminal-timing mode only):

    DCE to DCE or DTE to DTE.
    * Standards Conversion for:
    V.35, RS-232, RS-422,
    RS-423, RS-449, RS-530, MIL-STD-188-114A Balanced, or MIL-STD-188-114A Unbalanced
  • Host Power for RS-232, RS423, and MIL-STD-188-114A unbalanced interfaces using pin 9 eliminates the need for external power sources. The MicroModems are also powered by a separate AC "wall-brick" transformer (see Accessories List).
  • 19" Standard Rack Mount Chassis Model MRR-16 can hold up to 16 MicroModems using single or redundant power supplies.
  • Rugged, Extruded Aluminum Housings protect internal components from possible damage.
  • Full Service and Support from VERSITRON. Our technical service team will promptly respond to your inquiries to help keep your systems functioning as smoothly as possible. Technical Support is free and unlimited, and all VERSITRON products carry a lifetime warranty.

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Superior Design For Superior Performance – For All Datacom Configurations

VERSITRON's MicroModems assure reliable data transmission, at distances up to 2Km over multimode fiber-optic cable, 20Km over singlemode.

Reliable data transmission is one of the key considerations in selecting a modem link. The ability to operate transparently – with minimal affect on transmitted and/or received data – is a major performance advantage of the VERSITRON MicroModems. To further assure accuracy in source timing applications, the clock and data are realigned in a unique source timing circuit. Even when translating from one serial data standard to another, minimal delay or no signal formatting effects are encountered.

VERSITRON's MicroModems meet current and future Datacom link requirements – minimizing future upgrade cost.

With their wide range of data rates, and ability to pass control signals for the RS-232 and RS-530 Standards, the M62xxD and M82xxD MicroModem Series provide ideal Datacom links as system data rates increase, as additional control signals are required, or as low-speed data channels need to be added. Both MicroModem Series will accommodate these requirements without costly upgrades, modifications or replacement. Either Series can be used in a basic three-wire configuration, yet can accommodate a system with control line functions.

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Protocol: Asynchronous/isochronous/synchronous (source timed or terminal timed)
Data Rate: Continuously variable from 1bps to 5Mbps (Terminal Timing): M62xxD
Continuously variable from 1bps to 1Mbps (Source Timing): M62xxD
Continuously variable from 1bps to 128Kbps (Terminal Timing): M82xxD
Continuously variable from 1bps to 100kbps (Source Timing): M82xxD
Operation: Full duplex or simplex
Fiber Optic Interface:  
Connector: LC
Fiber Cables: 50/125, 62.5/125 or 100/ 140 mm multimode; 9/125 or 10/125 mm singlemode
Fiber Type: Multimode or singlemode
Link Margin: 11dB with 62.5/125 fiber optic cable
19dB with 9/125 fiber optic cable fiber-optic cable
Error Rate: Better than 10 to the minus 9th
MTBF: M62xxD Series: 123,520 hours (14.1 years)
M82xxD Series: 129,710 hours (14.8 years)
Digital Interface: M62xxD – RS-422, RS-423, RS-530, MIL-STD-188-114A Balanced, (V.35 or RS-449 with adapters)
M82xxD – RS-232, RS-423, MIL-STD-188-114A unbalanced
Electrical Interface: DB25F (DCE), DB25M (DTE)
Power Requirements: 5-15 VDC @ 300ma; M82xxD Series may use host power on pin 9
Operating Temp.: -55° to +100°C (-67° to +212°F)
Relative Humidity: Up to 95% non-condensing
Altitude: UP to 10,000 feet
Dimensions: 1.0" wide (2.54cm) x 2.4" high (6.1cm) x 4.5" deep (11.4cm)
Weight: 6.75 oz. (0.19 kg)
MRR-16 Chassis:  
Dimensions: 19.0" wide (48.3cm) x 3.5" high (8.9cm) x 11.2" deep (28.4 cm)
Weight: 3.1 lb. (1.41 kg)


M82xxD Series Model Numbers
M62xxD Series Model Numbers


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