Customer Feedback

Sharon C.
St. Petersburg, FL
"...our engineers ask that we use you specifically as a vendor to ensure the highest quality and dependability..."
Kevin L.
San Diego, CA
"I couldn't be happier with the equipment or the service you gave me during our 'rush' to deploy."
Nick O.
Mobile, AL
"We haven't had a problem with a single VERSITRON product that we have ever purchased".
David C.
Greensboro, NC
"Thanks for the excellent service and great product."
Larry S.
Palmerton, PA
"Thanks for your outstanding products and service. I'll be a return customer for sure."
Jim M.
Yakima, WA
"...excellent video through the fiber on all 4 channels..."
Josh S.
Eagle, CO
"It's working perfectly and has since the day we first connected the fiber."
Tim G.
Colorado Springs, CO
"Great product--that's why we continue to buy VERSITRON!"
John B.
Kekaha, HI
"...I appreciate your quick and friendly service..."
Chris W.
Corvallis, OR
"...We couldn't be happier..."
William H.,
Okinawa, Japan
"I like equipment that does not break and the VERSITRON items we bought have performed flawlessly."
Bruce H,
Arlington, WA
"I am extremely pleased with the quality, stability, functionality, and pricing of your product. It has performed flawlessly."
Dan F.,
Collinsville, VA
"I'm pleased both with the product and probably more so with the people behind the product!"
Timm S.,
Denver, Colorado
"Your products are working great. I only wish all of our installations would go as smoothly."
Kansas City, MO
"I was VERY pleased with the ease of deployment we got."
Tammi W.,
Annapolis, MD
"Working with you guys was pleasant and efficient."
James B.,
Plant City, Florida
"It is very comforting to know I can trust Versitron employees and products to perform! "
Ciaran B.,
Great Britain
"We are very pleased with the Versitron items we have purchased. The service is also still second to none."