Video Distribution Amplifier – Analog Interface, 16 Video Inputs, 64 Video Outputs


Price: $545.00

The VDA1664A is designed to distribute 16 video inputs to 64 video outputs.  

The VDA1664A is capable of 16 CCTV inputs and 64 CCTV outputs. The built in amplifier circuit will boost the signals to the required level to prevent signal loss and picture degradation.

The VDA1664A is designed to work with CCTV video cameras, and can work with any other CCTV equipment using standard BNC connections. These products are ideal for applications requiring multiple monitoring locations, and permit easy connectivity to fiber optic image links.

And yes, these devices are compatible with All VersiVision Products and carry Lifetime Warranties.

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  • 16 Visual Inputs / 64 Visual Outputs
  • Distributes "visual image display" Signals to Multiple Displays
  • Uses Standard BNC Connections
  • Standalone or 19″ Rackmountable
  • Installs Quickly and Easily
  • Compatible with All VersiVision Products