Security / Surveillance

Fiber Optic Solutions For Security/Surveillance Industry

Security is an important concern for all types of commercial and residential properties. It demands keen surveillance and monitoring in order to ensure the proper functioning of different domestic, commercial, and industrial locations. Since fiber optic is a technology that has paved its way to almost every modern technological application and solutions, the security/surveillance industry is no exception. Fiber optics in a security system is proven to be an effective solution when used in surveillance cameras, or operational monitoring stations. IP monitoring and intelligent surveillance are taking over conventional physical surveillance. Implementation of fiber optics in security systems involves networking or integration of several fiber optic products. Therefore, VERSITRON offers a variety of fiber optic products and solutions that assist in industry networking for security and surveillance. 

Security/Surveillance Solutions

VERSITRON’S Security/Surveillance Solutions

VERSITRON is a trusted supplier of integrated solutions for the implementation of fiber optics in security systems. The list of products suitable for industry networking for security is detailed as follows:

  • CCTV fiber optic video kits: CCTV fiber optic video kits by VERSITRON are an all-in-one solution for the installation of fiber optics in security systems. This is an installation kit that includes video transmitters, receivers, power supplies, and a 100-meter long fiber optic transmission cable. This cable will be either Multimode or Singlemode depending on the application. The video to fiber converters are compatible with PAL, NTSC, and SECAM camera systems. They assure seamless installation and operation free of any adjustments.
  • Fiber Optic Media Converters: Fiber optic media converters are the devices that convert data from Ethernet devices to fiber optic compatible signals. These fiber optic converters are highly suitable for long-distance surveillance applications. This way, the user can source the data from an IP camera located at a distance of 1 mile or more at an affordable cost. This helps in filling the data transmission gaps between an Ethernet device like PoE cameras and fiber optic modems.
  • Fiber Optic Video Multiplexers: VERSITRON offers a wide range of 8-bit digitally encoded fiber optic video multiplexers from the VersiVision family that allows the operator to mux video and data signals. These multiplexers can be used with analog cameras and are compatible with NTSC, PAL, and SECAM standards. These fiber optic multiplexers are used mostly for critical surveillance applications like military standard surveillance and security. Fiber optic video multiplexers are used with single-mode or multimode cables.
  • VersiVision Video Distribution Amplifiers: VERSITRON’S VersiVision video distribution amplifiers are suitable for multi-camera/CCTV network surveillance. They are designed to provide inputs to multiple video outputs at the same time. These are compatible with BNC video connections for multi-location surveillance.
  • Fiber Optic Modems and Micromodems: Fiber optic modems are used for data modulation and demodulation in security and surveillance systems. Fiber optic modems are used for direct monitoring. Micromodems are the compact yet advanced version of fiber optic modems that are used for critical surveillance such as military, airport, and intelligent transportation system (ITS) monitoring.

Applications of Fiber Optic Technology in Security/Surveillance Industry

VERSITRON’S security/surveillance solutions are being utilized in several industrial applications. Some applications are detailed below.

  • Security Apps: Security apps for remote surveillance utilize fiber optic media converters and multiplexers to access video data from the CCTV network.
  • Video Surveillance at ITS: For intelligent transportation monitoring our CCTV fiber optic kits, and fiber optic modems are used.
  • Robotic Monitoring: For robotic monitoring over production lines, manufacturing stations, warehouses, etc our micromodems and video multiplexers are utilized.
  • Gated Community Application: Our 2-wire fiber optic modems are used in gated community surveillance applications. These modems help establish connectivity between the monitoring station and the gate using contact closure relays.

We also offer expert advice in order to help you implement fiber optics in your security system. To know more about our fiber optic solutions for the security/surveillance industry and other industrial applications, please feel free to contact us!