Petrochemical/Oil & Gas Industries

Fiber Optics For Petrochemical/Oil & Gas Industries

Petrochemical and oil & gas are technically two separate industries. However, their functioning, risk factors, harsh environments, and so on are pretty similar. Also, the application of fiber optics for oil and gas as well as petrochemical are quite the same. VERSITRON, being a reliable manufacturer and supplier of fiber optic cables, media converters, and more, serves these industries as well. We all know how crucial oil is for the world. In fact, some of the world economies have thrived on this one sector. Oil reserves beneath the ocean floor are excellent resources; however, reaching them is quite a challenge. Hence, a proper offshore oil platform is required. It enables the ability to reach the ocean floor for oil extraction; however, an equally efficient infrastructure comprising a control room and robust networking equipment is important. Fiber optic cables for the oil and gas industry find application in this connectivity and data transmission to the platform from the ocean floor and vice versa. VERSITRON offers effective solutions via water and temperature resistant cables, equipment, and more.

fiber optic solution for the petroleum and oil & gas industries

VERSITRON’s Solutions for Petroleum and Oil & Gas Industries 

Here are some solutions offered by VERSITRON in terms fiber optic products and systems useful for the petroleum and oil & gas industries.

  • SCADA: The oil & gas industry requires Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems to support remote data transmission, to control certain processes, in upstream oil fields including Shale. The system comprises the communication system, the master station, and the remote station, and is integrated with fiber optic communication media to avoid electromagnetic interference and facilitate long-distance transmission.
  • Micro-Modems: VERSITRON’s industrial fiber optic micro-modems are suitable for safe operation monitoring and management at various sites. We offer the M82xxD series single mode versions for underwater data communications links between submerged equipment for counting purposes.
  • VERSITRON’s Fiber Optic Media Converters: These media converters connect an Ethernet device with a Cat5 or Cat6 cables to a fiber optic cable. It reads signals from both types of cables and hence successfully transfers data. This is possible over long distances and with remote access, and hence these fiber media converters are suitable in the oil & gas offshore platform systems. The operator can remotely access an IP camera located inside the ocean or a drilling site from a distance of at least one mile.
  • Video Transmission Systems: VERSITRON’s fiber optic video transmission systems protect mission critical data, and offer signal transmission over long distances. We also offer video installation kits comprising transceivers, receivers, power supplies, and so on which can be easily installed. These kits are provided with either single mode and multimode fibers.

Beneficial Features of Petroleum and Oil & Gas Industries Solutions

There are several benefits of our products and solutions for these two industries. Here are some of them:

  • Our fiber optic products are resistant to heat, cold, moisture, corrosion, harsh chemicals, vibration, pressure, and so on. This makes them suitable for the harsh environments of these two industries as well as the ocean floor.
  • Our compact fiber optic cables offer a huge bandwidth, which reduces the installation time, size, and weight.
  • Our fiber optics sensing solutions offer accurate readings in terms of oil reserve levels, environmental parameters, effective temperatures monitoring and control, and device performance.
  • We offer plenty of customization to suit your requirements in terms of hardware, splicing, cable lengths, network expansion over geographical distances, and so on.
  • Our products facilitate remote monitoring and access, temperature control, and improved surveillance capabilities required on the offshore platform.

In case you need to know any further details or specifications of our fiber optic products for the petroleum and oil & gas industries, please feel free to contact us through phone or email. Our extremely efficient and resourceful team of experts will be happy to assist you in the selection of suitable fiber optic products for your application.