Fiber Optic Telephone Multiplexer

The VERSITRON VERSIMUX II Series of products are designed to multiplex multiple analog telephone lines over fiber optic cable. The wide variety of cards and chassis allow for configurations of four phone lines, eight phone lines or up to 152 phones lines. Using fiber optic SFP module technology, the VERSIMUX II offers the flexibility of using one or two strands of either multi-mode or single-mode fiber for distances of up to 80 km with no optical adjustments required. All multiplexer cards utilize standard RJ-11 phone jacks for Plug and Play, adjustment-free installation and operation. LED indicators are provided to instantly monitor the operating status of each multiplexer card and phone port. Currently, the Versimux II supports those applications involving 2-wire analog telephone systems (POTS) and RS-530 or RS-232 digital serial interfaces. Additional interfaces will be introduced in the future to further enhance the flexibility of the Versimux II multiplexer inherent in its modular design.

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    A typical installation utilizes an exchange side card at the PBX end of the application, connected via fiber optic cable (1-strand or 2-strand construction), to a subscriber side card at the telephone end of the application. Standalone configurations and basic rack-mount configurations are available with either 4-channel or 8-channel capacity. High-density rackmount configurations are available for up to 152 channels. For ease of installation, both standalone and rack-mount configurations utilize the same Versimux II “building blocks.” These consist of the following products:




    4-channel exchange side multiplexer port card


    4-channel subscriber side multiplexer port card


    4-channel exchange side multiplexer port card with 1-channel RS-485/RS-422 data


    4-channel subscriber side multiplexer port card with 1-channel RS-485/RS-422 data


    8-channel exchange side multiplexer port card


    8-channel subscriber side multiplexer port card

    In addition to the above listed cards, the Versimux II is capable of multiplexing RS-530 and RS-232 interfaces utilizing the following products:




    RS-232 interface card: data rates up to 128kbps (also supports RS-423, and MIL-STD-188-114A, unbalanced


    RS-530 interface card; data rates up to 1Mbps (also supports RS-422, RS-449, V.35, and MIL-STD-188-114A, balanced)

    The above port cards can be used in the following Versimux II enclosures and chassis:




    Single-slot standalone enclosure


    2-slot rack-mount chassis


    20-slot rack-mount chassis

    Depending on the specific configuration, the following Versimux II accessory products may be required:




    SmartCard used with VMX20 chassis for high-density applications


    Power Supply used with VMX20 chassis


    100-240VAC to 12VDC power supply for standalone and basic rack-mount configurations

    SFP Modules

    Provides fiber optic interface between devices

    Using the proper combination of the above products, our fiber optic telephone multiplexer can be configured with a minimum of 4 channels and a maximum of 152 channels. We welcome the opportunity to work closely with our customers to help them identify which combination of the above products will suit their application for “muxing” their 2-wire analog telephone lines.
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