Industrial Hardened Media Converters

Industrial media converters assist you with converting your Ethernet networking equipment to fiber optic. Industrial or “hardened” media converters are particularly useful in harsh working environments with extreme temperature ranges. Hardened media converters facilitate seamless data transfer and connectivity in extreme environments. These hardened fiber media converters feature a robust enclosure to prevent damages, and these can be rated on an IP scale. At VERSITRON, we offer a variety of industrial grade media converters with fiber to help you meet your data communication requirements. We are extremely customer oriented and always adopt a personalized approach to help you meet your needs.

Workings of Hardened Ethernet Media Converters Explained

Hardened media converters are primarily industrial media converters with fiber, which function largely like most other fiber media converters. As mentioned, they have a robust metallic enclosure which acts as a shield to prevent dust, contaminants, moisture, and debris from entering the inside of the device. This enclosure also works as a huge heat sink and facilitates heat dissipation. Like any of our media converters these hardened fiber converters are compatible for fiber to copper and fiber to fiber data transmissions and can connect two dissimilar networks. These converters also provide alert and status messaging systems. This kind of heat dissipation facilitates cooling and eliminates the need of a separate air filters and fans to cool the electronic components after operation. This aspect helps reduce energy costs. It also automatically prevents contaminants, insects, and other debris which get pulled in with the airflow of the fan. This is an important aspect as to why they are suitable for dusty areas, contaminated manufacturing production floors as well as extreme outdoor environments.

Industrial media converters and switches working

Model Description RFQ
MF7273 10/100TX-FX, MM 1310NM, ST, 2KM
MF7274 10/100TX-FX, MM 1310NM, SC, 2KM
MF7275-2 10/100TX-FX, SM 1310NM, SC, 20KM
MF7275-2SFA 10/100TX-FX, SM Single Fiber, 1310/1550NM, ST, 20KM
MF7275-2SFB 10/100TX-FX, SM Single Fiber, 1310/1550NM, ST, 20KM
MF7260 10/100/1000TX-FX, 1000 SFP SLOT
MF7260P 10/100/1000TX-FX, PoE/PoE+, 1000 SFP SLOT

Factors to Consider When Choosing Hardened Media Converters

Typically, selecting a media converter involves many considerations, and there are many types of media converters based on various parameters such as their implementation, converter protocol, whether managed or unmanaged, and so on. Here are some useful pointers in case you need a hardened fiber media converter for your business application:
  • As known, hardened media converters are used only for heavy industrial manufacturing, mission critical applications in military, or other applications having dirty or extreme temperature environments. Therefore, it is first essential to consider your application environment and the influence of surrounding physical parameters.
  • In some cases, commercial media converters may work, especially in applications such as telecom services, data centers, etc.
  • Also consider various converter protocols and if you require singlemode, multimode, or both, the type of cabling you have, and the geographical extension you require.

VERSITRON Industrial Media Converters - Beneficial Features and Specifications

VERSITRON offers industrial converters with fiber in a variety of configurations. Here are some of the many features that these devices provide and why you can safely consider VERSITRON for your hardened media converter requirements:
  • They are designed to function in extreme temperature conditions and harsh environments.
  • They facilitate cost savings as you do not have to replace the copper port legacy systems; you can integrate them by using our products to convert fiber optic to the existing copper cabling systems.
  • These converters seamlessly increase the geographical data transmission distance.
  • Most of them support DIN rail as well as panel mounting.
  • They operate in a wide temperature range, from approximately -20 to +80 degrees Celsius.
  • Most media converters offer direct media conversion for Gigabit copper and Gigabit fiber.
  • For multimode systems, the distance can be increased up to 2km and for singlemode systems, our products provide the capability to go beyond 100km.
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3, most of these hardened converters are compatible with Ethernet versions 1.0 and 2.0.
  • They help cut down costs and offer much better security when transmitting any kind of data.
  • Our hardened media converters help eliminate the need for external cabling and have separate LED indicators for regular health status and alerts.

Applications of Hardened Industrial Media Converters

Our hardened and industrial fiber converters are used across many different industries. Some of the application areas are:
  • Automation processes in factories and buildings
  • Drilling in oil and gas as well as mining sectors
  • Agriculture
  • Transportation
  • Security and surveillance systems
  • Defense and military on-field tasks
  • Cell phone tower
  • Traffic control systems
  • Energy substations
  • Ethernet service delivery
  • Cable and telecom service applications

Quality and Warranty

VERSITRON follows strict and rigorous quality control procedures to check the features and functioning before any of our products are shipped out of our facility. As with all VERSITRON products, our hardened fiber media converters have a lifetime warranty. Please refer to our warranty statement for a detailed explanation regarding warranty claims and procedures.
VERSITRON has a variety of hardened Ethernet media converters for both 10/100Base and 1000Base Gigabit Ethernet networks. Based on our market experience and technical expertise, we would welcome the opportunity to help you choose the right media converter for your application. If you are looking for a specific hardened fiber converter or need further information, we would be happy to assist you!