Why Surveillance & Remote Security Systems need Long Reach PoE?

Now a daysmany devices on a network such as IP cameras, IP phones, and so on, which can be powered through PoE. So, these are PoE devices. These devices find a large application in the security and surveillance segment because of the benefits they offer. This is largely because there are long reach PoEs, which extend the transmission capacity in terms of geographical distance and power the devices on the network at the same time. This post discusses what are long reach PoEs, as well as their uses and benefits in remote security systems.
PoE in Surveillance and Remote Security Systems

PoE Switches for Security Systems

PoE saves on additional external electricity supplies needed to power certain devices on the network. Also, you need not have a fiber optic cable installed or no need to focus on selecting fiber optic cable for PoE; an already existing Cat5 Ethernet cable can do both the tasks of data transmission and powering devices. This is done through a PoE switch. It is a regular switch with three prongs and can be connected to a switchboard to draw power. It converts this energy into a low-voltage energy source and supplies it to the connected devices on the network. Basically, an Ethernet cable is a bunch of around eight cables, four of which are used to transmit data and the other four are used to supply power. This is especially useful for remote security systems wherein the cameras may be located in distant and remote locations where power supply may not be possible. Here are some benefits of PoE switches for remote security systems:
  • PoE switches ease the task of finding locations where cameras may be required to be installed.
  • They save time, cost, as well as wiring complexities.
  • These switches are compact and scalable and can be easily transported from one location to another if required.
  • Available in varied number of ports from four to 48, these switches are of two types- managed and unmanaged. While unmanaged switches are pretty basic, they still power the network efficiently.
  • Intelligent or managed switches are better in terms of control and functionalities.
  • PoE switches offer a good level of security to the network as there is minimal external interference.

Advantages of Long Reach PoE in Security and Surveillance

The IEEE 802.3 standards for PoE devices have facilitated manufacturers to come up with IEEE compliant devices to cater to the rising demand. This demand is basically because of the benefits of PoE systems, especially in the security segment. Initially, in spite of the benefits of PoE such as simultaneous power supply and data transmission, it had limitations in terms of distance. However, long reach PoE has helped solve this issue to a large extent. Depending upon the type of cable, the distance of transmission can be extended because of this technology. A long reach PoE is basically a managed switch which can save costs on fiber optic cables and is easy to install.
Here are some reasons why PoE systems find application in the surveillance sector.
  • A major issue in this sector is remote access and devices installed in far off areas without an electric grid. This is where PoE systems come handy.
  • Aside from their basic functions, PoE systems have battery backup capabilities which is a must in remote locations.
  • It supports low as well as high data rates of up to 10Gbps.
  • PoE makes surveillance systems cost effective as there is no need for signal splitters, multiplexers, and so on.
  • Users of the surveillance system can remotely control CCTV cameras placed in inaccessible locations.
  • They can remotely reset the camera or calibrate a connected device on the network through PoE.
If you plan to boost your CCTV camera with PoE, ensure you source the devices from a reliable manufacturer and supplier. VERSITRON is a leading manufacturer and supplier of PoE media converters and switches, which help extend the network area as well as establish connectivity between two or more dissimilar networks. The company also offers fiber optic converters for security applications.

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