16-Slot Chassis for Media Converters
10/100Base "Double-Duty"
1000Base Gigabit
10/100/1000Base "Triple-Duty"


16 Slot Chassis for use with

Media Converters



Note: The Chassis Options listed below have been DISCONTINUED.
We list them here as archived products for your reference.

16-Slot Chassis for use with Media converter Modules
**This product will also accept our 1000Base modules!

12-Slot 10/100 Modular Media Converter Center

Our 12-slot option allows you to place up to 12 media converter cards in one chassis using single or redundant power. This chassis fits in a standard 19" rack.

10-Slot 10/100 Modular Media Converter Chassis

If you need to house from 1-10 media converters, try our new 10-slot chassis. With this option you can house your stand alone media converters in one place with a choice of single or redundant power.


4-Slot 10/100 Modular Media Converter Center

If you need to conserve rack space, take a look at our 4-slot 10/100 media converter center. This space saver chassis is only 1 "rack unit" in height and holds up to 4 of the media converter cards.

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