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DataCom Technical Data Sheets

F24xx T1/E1 Fiber Optic Modems
F270x, F271x RS-485 2-Wire Telephone Modem M6000, M8000 MicroModems
F22xx High Speed RS-530 Fiber Optic Modems AC300WR Power Supply
F2900 Fiber Optic Isolators F272x 4-wire Telephone Modems
F2280x Low Speed RS-232 Fiber Optic Modems F282x Low Speed RS-530 Modems
FOM II Chassis, Enclosures, Accessories

Networking Products Data Sheets

10/100 "Double-Duty" Media Converters
5-Port Fiber Optic Switch
1000Base Media Converters 6-Port GBIC Fiber Optic Switch
Single Fiber Media Converter 7-Port Fiber Switch
100Base Fiber NIC Card 8-Port Fiber Switch
1000Base Fiber NIC Card MCC-16 Rack Mount Chassis
16/24-Port Fiber GBIC 10/100/1000 Managed Switch 10/100/1000 "Triple Duty" Media Converters
24-Port 10/100/1000 GBIC Web Smart Switch Single Fiber Gigabit Media Converter
"Pick a Port" Modular Switch Multimode to Singlemode Fiber Media Converter

Industrial Networking Products Data Sheets

Industrial 10/100 Media Converter
Industrial 5-Port 10/100 Fiber Optic Switch
Industrial 1000Base-T Media Converter Industrial Media Converter with Two 100Base-FX Fiber Ports, The "Tri-Port"
Industrial 6-Port 10/100/1000 Fiber Optic Switch Industrial 8-Port 10/100 Fiber Switch

8-Bit Digital Fiber Optic Video Products

1 Channel Digital video (FDVT/FDVR100x)
1 Channel Digital Video/Return Data (FDVT/FDVR110x)
1 Channel Video/Bi-directional Data (FDVT/FDVR1A0x) 1 Channel Video/Audio (FDVT/FDVR101x)
1 Channel Video, Return Data, Audio (FDVT/FDVR111x) 1 Channel Video, Bi-Directional Data, Bi-Directional Audio (FDVT/FDVR1AAx)
2 Channel video/Return Data (FDVT/FDVR220x) 2 Channel Video (FDVT/FDVR200x)
4 Channel Video/Return Data (FDVT/FDVR440x) 4 Channel Video (FDVT/FDVR400x)
8 Channel Video (FDVT/FDVR800x) 4 Channel Video, 2 Channel Bi-directional Data (FDVT/FDVR4B0x)
16 Channel Video (FDVT/FDVRH00x) 8 Channel Video/Return Data (FDVT/FDVR880x)
14 Slot Digital Video Chassis (FVC14) 16 Channel Video/Return Data (FDVT/FDVRHH0x)

Video Distribution Products

4 Video Inputs, 8 Video Outputs
4 Video Inputs, 16 Video Outputs
8 Video Inputs, 16 Video Outputs 8 Video Inputs, 32 Video Outputs
16 video Inputs, 32 Video Outputs 4 Video/Audio Inputs, 8 Video/Audio Outputs
4 Video/Audio Inputs, 16 Video/Audio Outputs 8 Video/Audio Inputs, 16 Video/Audio Outputs

PoE Power Over Ethernet Products

PoE Mid-Span Injector (MSI)
10/100 PoE Media Converter (M727xSP)
1000Base PoE Media Converter (M7250P) 8-Port PoE Fiber Switch (S70850MP)
8-Port PoE 10/100/1000 Gigabit Switch
(SF70860M), (SF70550P)
5-Port Industrial PoE 10/100 Switch

Archived LAN Products Data Sheets

10Base Media Converters
100Base Media Converters
24-Port Gigabit Fiber Switch 4-Slot Rack Mount Media Converter Center
10-Slot Rack Mount Media Converter Center 12-Slot Rack Mount Media Converter Center
18-Slot Media Converter Center MCRM-18 Rack Mount Module Chassis
24 Port Fiber Switch 16/24 Port 10/100 Switch

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