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The use of video surveillance has become a significant part of just about every facet of our lives. The question many times is not "are we going to put video surveillance in" but "how are we going to do it", and which method of transmission is best for our specific needs.

In general, those who need to monitor events in real time are choosing IP video solutions. IP video allows for transmission of both full-motion and still images over LAN networks via the internet. Businesses who wish to be able to keep an eye on employees and customers in real time, and anyone who wants to be able to log onto any computer at any time and know what is going on at their business choose the IP solution. IP video is also being chosen for applications where real time images of an emergency in progress are important. Police cars and emergency vehicles would be candidates for this type of network.

Also, costs for an IP video network can be reduced if the appropriate networking equipment infrastructure is already in place. Plus, your network diagnostic tools should be able to effectively pinpoint any trouble spots within the system. IP digital video, however does require a large amount of bandwidth, and network speeds need to be fast. Fiber Optic LAN equipment is capable of fulfilling these requirements. VERSITRON has several types of fiber switches and media converters which have proven popular with proponents of IP Video.

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Those who have chosen an analog CCTV system and who are also using DVRs, have eliminated the "burdensome storage" tape issues which has been one of the leading disadvantages of analog CCTV. Instead, they have taken into account that separate links that are not tied into a network can actually provide more reliability. They have asked themselves: What happens when the network goes down? What happens if the internet itself is down for a time? Or, they may have an area where low light is a factor. IP video networks are not as successful in low light areas unless the cameras are "piggy-backed" on the conventional PAL/NTSC resolution.

Fans of analog CCTV appreciate the consistent frame rates that look more like real life. They also like the fact that analog CCTV has one standard of transmission, PAL or NTSC depending on their location. Time spent figuring out which IP cameras work with which video recording solution is eliminated. Lastly, for others, network speed is critical. They therefore choose separate cable for their video surveillance solutions in order to keep their data network speeds at optimum levels.

Whichever option you choose, VERSITRON is ready to help.

Tell Me More About Digital Fiber CCTV Converters

Fiber Media Converters
Boost Security Apps

While it is true that copper has proven to be adequate for the secure applications of the past, in today's security conscious climate, it may make sense to upgrade to fiber. Imagine having no worries over lightning strikes, or electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. Imagine having more bandwidth available AND having much longer distances supported. This translates into longer wiring runs for you along with the capability of sending a larger volume of information longer distances. Add to these the "untappability" and 99.9% reliability of the medium, and you can't afford not to give fiber serious consideration. Also, take into account that fiber is a tried and true medium, having been adequately tested by our government and military decades ago at the height of the cold war.

Happily, today's costs of fiber are no longer as prohibitive as they were in the late 1950's, and the cost for fiber optic cable is now comparable to the cost for copper cable. Additionally, modern plug and play design facilitiates ease of installation and less hassle for you. In fact, the marriage of fiber optic technology to "mission critical" applications can prove to be a match made in heaven.

Furthermore, it has never been easier to implement the many benefits of fiber into your security system application. Fiber optic media converters are offered for a wide variety of signal types, enabling you to extend and protect your data quickly and easily.

Where exactly can media converters be used in the security industry? There are a range of media converters and switches that can be used for video surveillance, access control, data, and telephone communication, and networking applications.

Video Surveillance is not something that you want interrupted due to lightning or other unexpected interference. Whether you are installing analog CCTV or IP based security cameras, there are a variety of media converter solutions at your disposal. Depending on the camera installation, there are media converters that can be used in a point-to-point configuration, or media converters that can multiplex several camera signals together to be transmitted over one fiber link.

For Analog CCTV cameras, media converters are offered with a variety of options such as return Pan/Tilt/Zoom data, bi-directional data, and forward or bi-directional audio capabilities as well as contact-closure.

For IP based cameras, media converters can be used in a point-to-point configuration, or a network switch with fiber optic capability can be used to multiplex several camera signals in order to put them onto the network. In addition, media converters and switches are available with PoE (Power over Ethernet) to provide the IP based camera with power.This can be very beneficial when you have a remote camera where access to power is limited.

Access Control in the form of card-reader, keypads, intercoms, and contact-closure signals require extremely high signal reliability. All of these signals can benefit from the reliability and safety of fiber optic cable and media converters. A perfect example of this is a perimeter entry gate installation.

Let's say that you have a CCTV camera at the gate, a bi-directional intercom system, and a contact-closure on the gate itself, and all of these signals need to communicate between the gate and a main house or office that are several thousand feet apart. In the past, you would need to run wire and cable for all three signals and probably provide signal amplification in order to transmit over such a long distance.

However, with a fiber optic media converter you can multiplex all of these signals together on one fiber optic link and transmit them the full distance. This solution allows you to run less cable, and less equipment which reduces potential points of failure in the application.

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Video Signals: Disperse!

More than 1 monitoring site? You can now support as many as 32 monitoring locations and 16 audio monitoring locations with our new VersiVision Video/Audio Distribution products.

These products distribute video and audio signals to multiple displays while at the same time preventing signal loss and picture degradation. The amplifiers have standard BNC video connections and may be used as standalone units or mounted in a 19″ rack.

The Video/Audio Distribution Amplifiers are available with a wide variety of inputs and outputs to suit a wide variety of application scenarios. In addition, you will find them to be compatible with our 1, 2, 4, 8, and 16 channel VersiVision CCTV converters.

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Sample Video Distribution Design

Sample Video/Audio Distribution Design

Online Store is "Hacker Safe"

If you've visited our store recently, you may have noticed the "McAfee Secure" icon. We have added this feature to make doubly certain that your online transactions are as safe as possible.

You can also find our newly added 4 channel CCTV Video Products and 4 Channel Video with Return Data Products on the store as well.

Additional products online include 1 Channel Video, 1 channel Video With Bi-Directional Data, 10/100 and 10/100/1000 Media Converters, 5 Port Switch.

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