Dual Channel Isolators
The Ultimate in Security

Since 1958, VERSITRON'S Optical Isolators have been a part of providing safe, secure fiber optic data transmission systems to its customers. For the ultimate in safe data transmission,you can count on the VERSITRON F2900 series. Because these optical isolators transmit data in one direction only (simplex), your data is even more secure. Of course all of the benefits of fiber optics apply including immunity to EMI/RFI, longer transmission distances, increased bandwidth, immunity to lightning, ground faults and transient spikes. These products have MTBF rates of 10+ years and carry a lifetime warranty.

The F2900 series dual channel fiber optic isolators are designed for passing telemetry, clock, data or any async or serial data stream. These isolators provide 2 independent channels over a pair of optical fibers. Each channel isolates signals for RS-232, RS-422, RS-530, RS-449, MIL-STD-188-114A (balanced or unbalanced), TTL or an NRZ type signal from 50bps to 10Mbps (data agile). Two different versions are available including one transmitter module, with two data channels and one receiver module with 2 data channels. Distances to 30km are possible.

Functioning as standalone modules or in conjunction with fiber optic modems, the new dual channel isolators operate with encryption devices in a datacomm/telecomm link. They are data agile (any frequency) from 50bps to 10Mbps, and permit clocking and resynchronizing of encryption equipment from a remote location. Link budget is not less than 19 dB on 100/140 fiber optic cable.

Full data agility adds flexibility and reduces hardware costs. Any signal from 50bps to 10Mbps may be passed to accommodate existing systems as well as signal variations. Note: Unbalanced signals up to 100Kbps. Balanced signals up to 10Mbps.

The dual channel isolators transmit data in one direction only, thus preventing data from returning in the opposite direction which helps assure data security. Wide operations flexibility is also offered since many different electrical interfaces are available to accommodate existing telemetry systems through jumper selection.

Annunciator lights are used as status indicators on these products. Their function is as follows - Transmitter Board (F2900):

  • PWR - Power on indication for normal operation
  • ALM - Out of sync indication
  • TCH1-Transmit channel one
  • TCH2-Transmit channel two

    Receiver board ( F2900):

  • PWR - Power on indication for normal operation
  • ALM - Out of sync indication
  • RCH1 - Receive channel one
  • RCH2 - Receive Channel two

Other VERSITRON datacom products include fiber optic telephone modems, MicroModems, and FOM II converters for a variety of interfaces including T1, E1, RS-232, RS-530, RS-485 etc. Lan networking products are also available including 10/100 "Double Duty" Media Converters, 10/100/1000 "Triple Duty" media converters, and ethernet switches with a variety of port and connector options. We are also excited to announce our new video over fiber products for CCTV applications.

All products come with lifetime warranties, and free telephone tech support. Applications drawings for your specific project are also available upon request at no additional cost to you. Give us a call at 1-800-537-2296 or 302-894-0699 if you have questions, or if we can help you in any way.







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